the science of errands, and the suit fiasco.

Update, update, update.

Wednesday night: the first Tidal Waves game of the season!  We had fun losing, as usual.  Can’t wait for a chance to improve as the season continues.

Thursday night: After work, we borrowed a lawnmower and Dan taught me how to use that contraption.  It’s not that hard, but it ruins one’s shoes.  Next, having built up a gargantuan shopping list from simply not being able to run errands, we spent a very long time in Target getting run-of-the-mill stuff like toiletries.  Then to the mall for some dress shirts for Dan.  We spent way too long in Express Men due to ye olde “did that hurt?  oh because see I’m thinking of getting a tattoo myself, and what do you think about this idea, and exactly how bad does it hurt?” routine.  This salesgirl assured me that she wanted to get something really meaningful to herself, and not just a tattoo to have a tattoo.  I asked what, specifically, she had in mind, and she replied “A bull.  You know, because I’m a taurus.  So that’s something unique.”  I couldn’t bear to tell her the truth about that idea, so I just hope that she likes it, because then everything will be okay.

Friday night: The boys had band practice, so after eating at Panda Veg and  watching the ceiling leak directly onto the buffet, I went home and baked cupcakes.  Took some to the boys at practice, and listened to a song and a half before Blade’s head overheated and they couldn’t really continue.  I’m excited to see them play in a room that’s not a carpeted cube.

Saturday: Still more errands…this time, we were able to knock out the miscellaneous accessories left that Dan needed for dressing up: shoes (after a rewarding hour or two at DSW), socks, and belt.   Delivered sugar cubes for a treat to Blade at work.  Then ran more errands, but this time involving summertime.  Yes, northern Californians: you WILL need an electric fan here in Richmond.  Make that 29 fans.  And a window AC unit.  I was not allowed to buy an above-ground pool.  Foiled again!  Finally, a haircut enabling Dan to masquerade transparently as a normie in their natural habitat.  Back at home, exhausted, we watched Sirius Black get killed and we cried.

While Dan was trying on his suit to make sure the accessories worked, he discovered something that threw a wrench in the rest of the weekend.  On April 5 when we got his suit from H&M in DC, he originally tried on a pinstriped one, but decided to go with plain black instead.  Since the pants and jackets are bolted together to prevent people swapping the sizes out, each jacket should match with the appropriately-sized pants.  So since he’d already tried on the pinstriped suit, he grabbed the black one of the same size, and the guy at the counter assured him that the pants would fit exactly like the ones he had just tried on.  Well, wrong.  Somehow the pants had been swapped out with ones two sizes too big for him, and a completely different cut.  Blade called H&M and talked to manager about it using his retail expertise, and we lamented over some Metalocalypse, and waited for H&M to call back letting us know whether they had Dan’s size or not (they didn’t call back).

Sunday: Originally I had a day planned of going to Loaves & Fishes, and then watching Anne of Green Gables with some of my girls (the original intent of the cupcakes).  Instead we piled into Blade’s car and drove up to DC to exchange the wrong pants.  When we got there, the manager that we dealt with was the same one who had sold us the suit, and she recognized us and was really apologetic that we had to drive all the way back, etc.  She gave Dan the very last pair of pants in his size, they fit beautifully, and we were out of there in 15 minutes.  I will say that even though it was incredibly schedule-wrecking and inconvenient that the suit (sold as a set, as the tags say) didn’t match and we had to drive all the way back up to DC, the people at H&M were very polite and helpful about it.  On the way home we had really good talks and I made a lot of headway on that scarf I’ve been crocheting for about 6 months.  Afterward, Dan and I took care of more legal stuff and made dinner and watched I.Q.

Phew.  Back at work after a very un-relaxing weekend.  I have lots on the agenda before heading to CA myself next week, so watch out for some before and after garden pics.

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