cAn’tlers set up on time

I spent yesterday evening getting a ton of things done around the house.  But it was one of those nights where I spent hours rushing through various tasks, only to end up with more new items on my to-do list than were on it in the first place.  I do remember that I made some egg salad for dinner, and served it on whole wheat pitas with some sea salt and cracked pepper chips.  Even though I love cooking, I feel like I would love it a lot more if I did it as a fun, leisurely activity rather than a rushed meal shoved between items in my professional and social lives.  As it stands, oftentimes cooking just ends up being too much preparation and cleanup for too little payoff.  So I will soldier on, and know that things will chill out and we won’t be as busy after May 2.

After dinner, Dan, Blade, and I went to Rumors for Silent Music Revival.  SMR is a monthly event where the lovely Jameson Price shows a silent film, and a local band improvises to the film.  Out of all the times I’ve been, sometimes it’s really enjoyable and sometimes it’s a little laborious, but it’s almost always interesting.  If finding out how the bands will come up with a soundtrack on the fly won’t entertain you, the sheer weirdness of the films will.  While watching them, I find myself noticing their obvious influences on some creative people and directors of today, and going “so that’s where that came from.”  SMR is moving to the Firehouse Theater soon, and I’m really excited about that.  It’s been worth it to sit on hard concrete floors for this, but I’ll be glad when we can sit in actual chairs.

Last night Antlers played SMR, and although they’re not my particular cup of tea, I was interested to hear what their take would be on SMR since it seemed to be the perfect outlet for their meandering musical schemes.  But they ended up disappointing, largely due to the fact that they just played their usual set.  You know, the one you’ve all heard 75 times already at their numerous Richmond shows.  The one that lifts its style basically straight from the far-superior, long-defunct IYAWYSYA.  This was all to be expected, but coupled with the “arriving late because we’re really cool” thing, and the obligatory 45-minute setup time thing, the fact that they then had the audacity to just launch into their usual set instead of improvising was enough to really push them over the edge of ridiculousness.  Again, proof that success — or at least a very temporary, very local smattering thereof — has little to do with effort and much to do with image.  At least, in college.

Before the show started, they even managed to earn themselves a new nickname: “cAn’tlers set up on time.”  Brilliant.

The good thing that came out of last night is that Michael Otley proudly presented me with my very own copy of Now Sleepyhead‘s long-anticipated release, Nocturne.  I’ve only listened to a couple of tracks so far so I don’t have an official statement about it, but the layout sure looks fantastic!  I heart Pop Faction.


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