glowed them all

This weekend was amazing, if too tightly-scheduled.

Pictures: WELC hangouts, Blacksburg trip.

Friday there was a WELC lunch, complete with Jordan! She flew all the way from Portland just to eat at Royal India. It was delicious. We were all so happy to be lunching again. Friday night, basically all the same people came over to Dan’s house and had drinks and ice cream cake. Nobody makes me laugh like WELC does.

Saturday morning we drove to Blacksburg with my parents to visit my sister. We spent the afternoon strolling around campus, getting some coffee / ice cream, and scoping out motorcycles. For dinner, my parents and Megan went to a banquet where she would be receiving an award. Dan and I went to Cafe de Bangkok with Megan’s boyfriend Mark, my cousin Matthew, and a couple of Megan’s other friends. My drunken noodles were great. Mostly, Dan and Mark talked about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Afterwards we went to The Cellar, a bar mildly less college-y than the rest probably are, and met up with my sister and parents. Many beverages were had, and good conversation. Dan introduced my parents to Newcastle. We ran into some people who recognized us from Richmond. Also, at some point during the night, this lady walked up to me, handed me a napkin, and walked out. Written in blue ink on the napkin was a message:

“Know this…you are a beautiful woman. May you be the woman in 15 years that my son (he is 9 now!) finds the love of his life and helps to teach him humility, integrity + growth. Because this night you glowed them all! My best wishes — Jonathan’s mother — JEA”

Everybody’s immediate reaction was that this was a very creepy thing. But I decided that creepy things are way more apt to be acceptable to me when they are huge, creepy compliments. I’m not sure what the heck “glowed them all” means, though. Perhaps she meant to put “outglowed.” Anyway…I’m flattered. I think some people (Whitley? Johnson?) will find this whole thing particularly hilarious, given my often-mentioned, much-proven penchant for younger boys. As soon as I read it I was like “how did you know?” But seriously. These days, 29-year-olds are where it’s at.

I slept in my sister’s very comfortable bed, and in the morning we watched a little bit of The Sound of Music while getting ready. After meeting up with the rest of the family, we had breakfast at Gillie’s (the huevos rancheros have my mark) and then headed out to hike to the Cascades waterfall. We did the same thing last April when we went to Blacksburg, and it was just as beautiful this time. One of my favorite Virginia landmarks, definitely.

After that: lobster at West End, something Dad has been wanting to try ever since Megan started going to Tech. My sister and I split one, and I really enjoyed it. I think it’s basically too much work though. And even though it’s a lot cheaper, I prefer crab. After the meal, we started the long, scenic journey home. It was lovely, but hard to nap with Dad swerving all over the highway. When we got home, Dan and I finally finished watching The Karate Kid, which thoroughly rules.

This afternoon, Dan and Blade picked me up from work and we went to Plan 9 and then Thai Diner Too. Dan and I have been working on legal stuff ever since, and I’m TIRED.

Twitter has been fun so far, and doesn’t take up much time. Today I found out that one of my friends is pregnant via Twitter! I love it. If that’s not a pleasant surprise to break up the workday monotony, I don’t know what is.


3 thoughts on “glowed them all

  1. I love Gillie’s! They have this breakfast feast they call Red Earth and it is so delicious. I wish I could have it now!

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