A curious thing happened this week.

For a while I’ve been aware of Twitter.  If you don’t know, Twitter is an application that allows you to answer the question “What are you doing?” and broadcast your up-to-the-second answer via the Internets.  In general I’ve been regarding this technology as very neat, but as something else I really didn’t need to be updating.  So in my mind, I put it on hold for a while.

This weekend, I got a message from Brenda…just a boilerplate message from Twitter saying she’d like to keep track of me on there.  I thought “Cool, I guess some of my friends are finally doing this thing,” but I still figured it would take up too much time to worry about right now.

Yesterday, while catching up on feeds after being sick, I happened to have no less than three separate posts from friends sitting in my queue that were about Twitter.  Was this some sort of a sign?  Tripp, a work colleague of mine, reports local news stations getting on the bandwagon, and points out the fact that Twitter users find out about news items quicker than the general public.  Jon Lumpkin, a good friend of mine who’s very astute at sizing up the value of new technology, also reports that he is now using Twitter to zero in on more local interests.

I mulled these things over in my head as the day meandered on.

Then yesterday afternoon, I received another email from Twitter letting me know that Matt Morton wants to keep up with me on there.  “Matt Morton?!”  I said.  “Alright, that does it. I’m in.”  Matt is a notorious early adopter of new technology, and I always watch to see what he’ll espouse and what he’ll discard.  We went to high school together, to college together graduating with Information Systems degrees around the same time, and worked our first Real Job together…and I’ll be danged if I don’t end up eventually copying every move he makes technology-wise.  I have to give him credit for making me a card-carrying member of the Google army.

This morning while getting ready, I listed to his and Chris Stewart‘s Kill the Desktop podcast, and lo and behold, they discussed Twitter.  While Chris talked about the convenience and cutting-edge features of Twitter as the best way to keep up with friends, Matt held the naysayers’ position.  “But you haven’t even tried it!” said Chris.  Matt signed off saying that the only place where you could find out what he was up to would continue to be Facebook.  But we all know that sometime between recording the podcast and yesterday around 3pm, he ate those words.  And if he’s trying it, I’m trying it too.

Here goes nothing!


10 thoughts on “twitterings

  1. Its great to see you on there now! I honestly was very ‘put off’ by it at first. I actually adopted Pownce (Chris gave me a Beta account), before Twitter. When it finally went public, a lot of twitter people posted there, for 2 days, and then left! I honestly never update there anymore, and it was a little late to the party. I really enjoy some of the people I have met through twitter, and continue to meet.

  2. now that youre on board…..can you post something about how to post it on a blog/myspace. i tried copy/pasting the code, but it doesnt work. help me tessy won kenobi, youre my only hope.

  3. Aiight Alison: you go here:

    And follow the directions. When you get to the part where it gives you a code, click “Copy to clipboard.” Then go to your Myspace, click “Edit Profile,” and paste that code into the About Me section. That’s what I did anyway. It doesn’t work for you?

  4. Man, I wish I knew what the heck this sounds fascinating but I just got used to the blogging world and I’m not sure my heart can take another addition. I’ll probably get on board in about 5 years when everyone else is tired of it.

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