exhibits a – o.

Wednesday night I covered the Binsted vigil for RVANews.com.  It was an interesting experience; I’m very glad I did it and I’m excited to do more work for them.  You can check out the article I wrote here.

Thursday night I made black bean and corn salsa and some vegan chocolate chip cookies for our potluck on Friday night. 

Friday I lunched with the illustrious Chris Lacroix.  As we sat outside of Salad Kings with some soup, the block encircling the Capitol was suddenly flooded with tractor trailers.  They drove ’round and ’round the block, horns on full-blast.  Some of them had signs taped to their trucks; I suppose they were protesting high gas prices or something.  Never a dull moment near the Capitol!  I can’t imagine how hard it is right now for people who have banked their livelihoods on gas prices staying low.  I’ve banked mine on the hope that the computers won’t become evil robots that take over the world, and we all see how that’s going.  At least it should be an interesting fight!  Perhaps some robot will make a movie about it after it’s all over, and all the robots will go to the theater to enjoy it and eat whatever robots eat instead of popcorn.

The potluck was a blast.  It was a completely different crowd compared to the last one.  I love getting to spend time with new friends, or friends I don’t get to see enough of.  Sometimes it just takes a couple of minutes of catching up to erase weeks of not knowing what the heck my friends are up to.

So we were allowed to chill out on Friday, but after that, the work began.  One of our main objectives has been to get Dan a respectable suit, so we did that Saturday by going to the only place that offers decent suits for guys that are affordable: H&M.  It was a bit of an ordeal, but I think we found the perfect one, and he looks as sharp as a tack in it.  Afterward we got some food in Georgetown, popped into a couple of stores but didn’t really buy anything, and headed home.  The whole time we were up there I wanted to call Drew DC, but we couldn’t stick around to hang out.  Lame!  Saturday night was spent working on legal stuff.

From after breakfast on Sunday ’til way, WAY past our bedtimes, Sunday was spent working on legal stuff.  It was surprisingly fun and educational, albeit time-consuming.  I started getting sick on Sunday, probably just the same thing Blake has: sore throat, cough, congestion, headache, etc.  Yesterday I stayed home from work and we furiously printed things out all day, eventually moving the party to Staples to kick it into high gear.  After sending things off at the post office, we celebrated with dinner at Cous Cous, where I tried the duck in addition to the usual spinach and manchego salad.  It was fantastic I think, although I couldn’t really taste anything because I’m sick.

Back at home I took lots of aspirin and we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before retiring.

This morning I actually felt worse instead of better, but instead of wasting very precious sick days, I medicated myself heavily and trudged to work.  I won’t even tell you how many emails were waiting for me.  It’s tough to face everything as energetically as usual when your health needs a serious time out, but I assure you that my heart is actually singing beneath all this congestion.

This weekend we get to go to Blacksburg with my family to visit my sister.  I’m excited about it, since I won’t be able to go in another month for her graduation.

I leave you with links:

  • Skull-a-Day is coming out with a book!
  • Deal with your mild autism.  No really, do.  I like #9.
  • More more more.  Interesting, challenging thing to ponder.
  • Not sure how I feel about the jumpsuit trend, but I’m leaning towards favorably.
  • When faced with a chance to show the community what they’re all about, bike kids do this.  I refuse to believe that they’re all like that, and I know some who aren’t…but it’s hard to ignore a playground full of PBR trash.  I thought riding bikes = saving the environment?

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