links o’ the day.

I’ve been hoarding links.  Here they are:

  • These are the risks I take every day, just to get to work and put food on the table for you.
  • Nice jewelry from Cursive Design.
  • Nom nom nom
  • Ha! As Ross says, “GRTC stands for Ghetto Rides To Court.”
  • Tracy says: “If you are a believer in death to false metal or have a thing for men with mostly long hair who like to scowl, paint their faces AND create music so brutal it makes the screams of a million tortures souls sound like a church choir…then yes, you need this.”
  • Google’s street view is live for RVA!
  • Seriously?!!!! Yet again, self-righteous “punks” become regular old jocks IRL.
  • As Phil said: “John Mayer, pop culture therapist.”
  • This Muxtape thing sounds amazing.
  • Richmond = #1 in community / citizen journalism. Quelle surprise.
  • Now this is a great idea. Unfortunately, we’ll never get those Dr. Peppers.

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