new spaces, and staying in.

For most of last week and this week, the objective has been not to make any plans so that we could (a) get some stuff done, and (b) relax.  Even when I try really hard not to make plans, I usually end up making some anyway, so this venture has been a particular success.  So far.  The following activities were pretty much the only exceptions to legal stuff / quiet nights at home this week:

The boys got all moved into their new practice space on Thursday, and they are excited beyond belief.  I’m excited for them, and for all the opportunities that the right coast will afford them.  The practice space is now a primo fancy hangout spot, complete with new electrical work, enhanced security, motion sensor lights, a mini fridge, an old TV, video games, and Silas’ bench seats for couches.  I took a bunch of pictures the other day, but they’re on Blake’s camera so I don’t know when they’ll see the light of day.

Thursday night I also went to an art opening curated by Mandy at Chop Suey, and then to an after-party at Mandy’s house featuring Ian’s mom.  I love Ian’s mom; she is one of the coolest moms I’ve ever met.  It was really nice to see her again.  I also got into yet another amazing conversation about waking dreams, hauntings, and things like that with some stellar people.  I’m very glad that I made myself stay up past 11pm to do that.

Saturday I went with my parents to the Church Hill Irish Festival, which was kind of a bust.  There were less fun cultural activities going on (like at the Celtic Fest) and more…uh, beer trucks.  There were three beer trucks in a radius of about one square block.  There were potatoes, potatoes, or potatoes to eat, and…more beer.  I don’t really like beer very much, but I drank a Harp to appease Dad.  I heard some good music and some terrible music, and the most memorable event of the day was seeing people get their heads shaved for St. Baldrick’s, which is a neat organization.  There was also an old man roaming around dressed up like St. Patrick, and he was wearing Guinness flip-flops.

Yesterday was our 8monthiversary and we had a lovely breakfast at Can-Can, and although they were all out of almond croissants, I think I can say that Dan’s first visit there was a success.

Tonight: more more more work on legal stuff, bravely staving off the forces of evil with many paper clips.  Also: haircuts for any boys who cross through the kitchen while I’ve got the razor plugged in.


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