of friends and fresh air

Today, I cannot stop having an awesome time.  It was the first day of the year so far that I could go without a coat on the walk to work.  And at lunch, I got to meet Katie and Angie (my highly-prized little avengers) by the food carts and enjoy some delicious tuna salad from Christopher’s Runaway Gourmay.  Excellent!

I also found out that Fun Size is reuniting in May.  I am looking for my sparkly hair clips and getting ready to channel my 16-year-old self.  I have been bugging James about this for years, and I bet others have too.  The public demands it!  This has truly been the year of amazing Richmond reunion shows.

The Synergeo fundraisers are plugging along; we still have a lot of money to raise, but people are making contributions.  Thanks so much to those of you who have contacted me to help out; you guys are amazing and I won’t soon forget it.  I consider it a truly friendly gesture to me, as you’ve helped me when I cried out for it.  That is what friends do.  Thank you.

I signed up for a SunTrust account to get the free $100 for Synergeo, and it didn’t take long at all.  If you have a free lunchtime, please come down here and I’ll walk to SunTrust with you, and then take you to lunch.  Just let me know!

Sooo…ce weekend….

Our trip to Charlottesville was a mind-blowing blast, as (in spite of itself) that town always is.  I haven’t had 10 spare seconds at home to upload pictures, but they will be posted soon enough [EDIT: they’re posted!].  Dinner at Mas was delicious, but I was disappointed that they had no anchovies.  The Pelican show was incredible, and I was inspired by the genuine excitement with which the relatively young crowd enjoyed the show.  Dan finally swapped his old dead-cat of a hoodie for a brand new one, and that makes me happy.  At one point I got tired of rocking and sat at the bar with a whiskey, watching a fantastic, very intellectual film called The Running Man.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  I need to watch it sometime when I can hear the words; I’m sure the dialog is stellar.

Saturday morning we went to Monticello, sitting just as serenely and beautiful as ever on the mountaintop.  I adore that place.  The air is so amazing up there, it almost tastes good.  We took the house tour (the first one in a while, for me), and were lucky enough to get an amazing tour guide who was both entertaining and informative.  Also, the weather was gorgeous.

Back in RVA on Saturday night we were exhausted, and spent the evening decompressing on the couch, watching Zoolander with friends.

Monday night was the Synergeo community dinner, the biggest potluck ever!  Too much food to even fit on the tables.  If you like potlucks, then hit this up every third Monday.  It’s a lot of fun to see all different kinds of people from the neighborhood hanging out together.  If Mad Dog* is there, you know it’s a party.

Last night we had dinner with Niki, a former work colleague of mine, and her husband Greg.  I love those people, and seeing Niki again was amazingly comforting to me.  Also, Mama Cucina is the only restaurant worth visiting anywhere near that cesspool called Innsbrook.

Tonight is dinner with my parents, tomorrow night is a Blue Letter photo shoot, and Friday night is Sea Monsters and the Reflex.  Saturday is our first Busch Gardens hangout of the season!  Sunday is Easter, of course.

Also, Katie of 821 has started a blog!  Yessssss.

Dan and I are finished with all the Metalocalypse immediately available to us.  So sad.

Been spending a lot of time updating the Midnight Society site; in particular, adding more places to our Platial map.  I’m really excited to get that map working as a functional reference for people seeking info on places and stories.

Kelsey’s in freaking Japan, so I guess she won’t be getting any rainbow sherbe with us at BG this weekend!

Enough’s enough now; consider yourselves thrilled.  Here are the links I’ve been dutifully stockpiling:

  • Can I get an “amen“? I think the phrase “tenement hall beige” sums up my feelings on this topic.
  • Always interested in new slang.
  • Progress schmogress.  This photo says it all.
  • Crazy about these head adornments, and excited about handmaking similar things on my own.
  • Keys never get old.  Except that they do, and that’s why we love them.
  • “This Is Just To Say” is one of my favorite poems.  It used to hang on the refrigerator at an apartment I once lived in, copied out by me with purple pen.
  • I have been wanting a glider for years.  They are hard to find, for a reasonable price.
  • Rad Silver Mt. Zion review on Tracy’s amazing blog.
  • I cannot tell you how excited I am about a seafood restaurant opening up in the Hollywood Grill space.  Oregon Hill becoming seafood alley?  Bring it on.
  • Attn K-thryn: Our ongoing joke about American Apparel is illustrated very well in this lovely post.
  • New literary journal?  Awesome!
  • I’ll say it again: the less time spent dealing with waitstaff, the better.

*If you don’t know, don’t ask.  He defies description.


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