help the hill

I guess I don’t ask for help much, but I’m asking for it now.

I think most of you are the kind of people who love to help out a good cause, even more so when (a) it’s easy to do, and (b) it affects your immediate environment. If you know Oregon Hill, you know this is a great neighborhood, and that we also have a lot of people here who need our help. This is my first year on the board of Synergeo, a nonprofit that runs a place called the Jonah House on the corner of Laurel and Albemarle. Yes, that house. They do after-school programs for kids, art classes, community dinners, etc. The plan is to do a lot more, if they can ever afford improvements on the house that are needed in order to legally have “events” there. Plans include a sort of teen center, and some small shows (!!!). The Jonah House has people living in it year ’round who are there just to serve the community. In addition to the programs they administer, the Jonah House is the kind of place where if you show up on the doorstep, you can expect to get whatever food and clothes they have to give you.

So here’s where you come in. We’ve been awarded a $20,000 grant, but we have to match that amount in funds raised in order to get the money. Board members and individuals have donated $11,000, so we just need to raise $9,000 more in the next few weeks to meet our goal.  There are three ways to help:

  1. Fundraising with Flowers. If you’re doing any spring planting whatsoever, please buy plants from us before you go elsewhere! Synergeo gets 45% of the proceeds from these sales, and the plants are shipped right to your door. Go here and check out the images of catalog pages that I scanned in. Follow the instructions for how to order, except instead of emailing, you can just email me or comment me and let me know what you’d like. I’ll give you the total and the place to go in order to securely pay online. Piece of cake. This is the perfect thing to do if you want to help but don’t even have an extra 20 bucks, because if you just buy a few bulbs it’s $13 including shipping and handling. Anyway, please check it out. I’m really excited to try the blueberries. Edit: I have to have the orders all done and all money turned in / paid online by March 31! So this is a do-it-now thing, not a if-I-happen-to-remember-it-later thing!
  2. Sign up for a SunTrust account. If you open up a SunTrust account by March 29, they’ll donate $100 to any charity you choose. Synergeo is on the list of charities to pick from, and our EIN# is 54-1828101. This is a really easy way to help us out, and of course you can always close out the account later once the promotion is over. All you have to do is put a few bucks in the account and then buy at least one thing with your new check card. Please let me know if you’re going to do this! I’ll go with you if it’s on my lunch break, or I’ll take you out to lunch sometime soon.
  3. Just donate. Of course, you can always just plain donate through the Network for Good.

Thank you so much in advance for stepping up and helping out a local cause. If you want to check out The Jonah House and meet some of the people involved (and of course see me), please come to the community dinner on March 17 at 349 S. Laurel. It’s a potluck and it starts at 6pm, and I’ll be bringing fried cabbage and potato cakes in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Get into it.


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