It’s lovely outside today. Although it was chilly on the way to work, the wind wasn’t half as bitey as it’s been lately. Busch Gardens opens next weekend. Hello, spring. It’s good to see you again.

This weekend I watched Prabir’s band play with one of the most horrible bands I’ve ever seen. It was like if a band played all of the silly, nonsensical parts in Aerosmith songs, just strung together with nothing else to give it substance.

On Saturday Noel and I introduced the boys to some thrift stores on the southside, as well as the infamous Super Flea. They didn’t need any giant t-shirts or paintings of leopards, so no one really bought anything. But as always, it was still fun. Saturday night we played Cranium at Fred and Katie’s, and then met up with the lovely and talented Jay Menapace, that scourge of the northeast. We ended up watching Groundhog Day, which is still amazing.

Yesterday we brunched at Mom & Dad’s, and then watched Weird Science (Kelly LeBrock still pwns you: a brunette with legs that don’t end and the brain of Einstein.), crashed out for a while, and then ran errands and fixed tacos. Capped off with some Metalocalypse, it was another lovely weekend.


6 thoughts on “nnnnice

  1. i’ll be in japan for opening weekend at busch gardens, but i would like you and dan to pencil me in for the first available friday to ride some coasters and eat some sherb!

  2. I like that you show no mercy by naming the horrible band and providing its website.

    Missed you and Dan at 821 on Sunday. I had all this coffee ready and when Dan wasnt there to drink it, I had to force it upon strangers…”What? You ordered water? We don’t have water, here’s a coffee.” I found out people don’t like it when they don’t get the drink they ordered. Bunch of babies.

  3. We were so bummed that we didn’t get to go to 821 this week. Seriously. We even wondered if you’d miss us. Well rest assured that we’ll be in the usual place, bright and early this Sunday. Keep that coffee hot, girl. You know Dan needs it quite badly.

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