brutal enough

Recent days have been full of some very pleasant activities.

Parading Blake around town. Dancing with beautiful friends at the Reflex. Antiquing with Mom, and coming away with several amazing treats — including a full-sized phrenology bust (!!!!!!). Watching Talia get the obligatory roommate tattoo at Salvation. Having delicious pie at Ipanema. Seeing Mason Dixon Disaster at Mojo’s. Discovering Metalocalypse (your incredible reward for reading this entry.  you can thank me later). Breakfasting at 821. Finally crossing “wallhangings everywhere” off my household to-do list. Getting churched at Franklin St. Planning a fondue meal for tomorrow night. Having a lovely lunch with Mr. Lefton.

Thanks for continuing to read, everyone.  It means the world to me that you spend a few seconds catching up on the latest every few days.  Just the other day I met a reader who is actually a person I didn’t previously know.  Tight!  And to think, you could be reading any other site in the world.  ❤


6 thoughts on “brutal enough

  1. Tess, believe it or not I have been reading your site from Australia and it’s one of the things that helps keep me sane during work! In fact, I’ve also started up my own blog on, so thanks for that! (sorry to be a copycat but it was time)! see u in may hopefully!

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