shuffled deck

In weekend news, the bulk of the time was spent running various errands.  The plight of the weekday worker means you do most of your chores on the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon I helped the boys a little with cleaning up the practice space.  I was able to do a lot of sewing on Saturday evening though, and while watching The Snake Pit I made one new thing and fixed something else.  My pile of things to fix is still enormous, though.  Sunday was one of the windiest days I can ever remember, and I fought to keep my scarf around my neck and my skirt from flipping up.

Friday night it was decided that the lovely Jett will be replacing the irreplaceable Brandi in our house.  We had a nice time meeting with her and are excited about living with her.  Transition, transition.  Dan’s new roommate Blake also arrived this weekend, fresh from hours and hours of driving from Atlanta.  Little does he know there’s a major dude drought around here.  The supply of decent, good-looking men is lower than the James in mid-August.  Come and get it, ladies.

I am humbled every time I think of how lucky I am to have someone who likes to do all the things I like to do.  Last night we were sitting on Dan’s bed reading a book and we both started crying at a sad part.  Adorable!

This week has a lot of exciting stuff coming up: the circus and my first non-single Valentine’s Day since 2002.



2 thoughts on “shuffled deck

  1. Thanks for the link to the Biograph history. Funny how — per the Fan District Hub and Rea’s blog corollary — the Biograph’s history ends with cinema. It had, at least, a two-year history as a volunteer-run, punk rock space, with some films shown, too. Given I’m no longer in Richmond, I assume the space is now empty. Or it has been taken over by VCU. Whatever its state, I hope all’s well.

  2. Hey no problem…it was a fascinating write-up. All’s well in Richmond, except that the building Exile used to be in has been bulldozed, and the Biograph is now a gross ghetto hangout called Hyperlink. But you know Grace St., always in a state of limbo. Seriously though it was awesome to learn about what that space was before I saw punk shows there as a teenager.

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