be nice to me.

Yesterday was a rather ridiculous day for several reasons: frustrations with getting itunes to recognize songs flagged as “Audiobooks” as such, early morning stomachache, forgetting to make a lunch for myself before leaving the house, wearing tights that were too loosely-woven to withstand the biting winter wind, and having a paper jam waiting for me as soon as I arrived at the office.  And this was all before 8:30am. 

Of course I busied myself with repeating the “keep calm and carry on” mantra, which in a nutshell summarizes my desire not to be concerned with silly daily things that I won’t remember in two weeks.  It worked, and my day was not so awful as it could have been in the end. But one thing that made me really sad was that I tried to donate blood, and was rejected because my hemoglobin was too low.  I think this is the same reason I was rejected my senior year of high school.  I was looking forward to the positive energy, as the hippies call it, from giving something back to the – er – community, and reading an issue or two of ReadyMade, but I was foiled because of something called hemoglobin.  Drat.  I guess if it’s still too low after all these years, I’m just doomed not to donate blood.  The sad part is that I work my tail out at the gym way more and eat way more healthily than probably anybody else donating there yesterday.  Hopefully I’m not too terribly anemic, but I will say that I’m always way colder than everyone else, especially in my extremities.  The blood bank lady was rubbing my hands trying to warm them up and get the blood circulating.  Kind of depressing.  Wikipedia says that a symptom of anemia is pallor.  Quelle surprise!  Possible causes include malnutrition, but the bags and bags of steamed veggies we’ve been eating for dinner beg to differ.  Oh well.  At least it’s kind of a goth-y problem.  Points to me! 

So the blood bank ladies made me take a t-shirt anyway, but I didn’t get to wear one of those nice red heart-shaped stickers that say “Be nice to me.  I gave blood today.”  Mostly people were nice to me anyway, so that’s good.  Someone should make me a button that says “Be nice to me.  I’m too anemic to give blood.” 

Yesterday was also mine and Dan’s 6monthiversary, which we celebrated by dinner at Edo’s and then wine at home while showing each other new music on our ipods.  The perfect evening, which certainly made up for my off-kilter day.  We have such a blast doing the most mundane things.  It’s crazy to think that just six months ago we started dating, because it feels like years.  As of yet there are zero fights to report, and the proverbial “honeymoon period” seems to extend and extend into infinity, even though we keep saying “well the reality is that eventually we’re bound to find something we don’t like about each other, and that it’ll culminate in trouble.”  So far, no trouble.  I’m the most thankful person in the world for being given the kind of guy who doesn’t add drama, insecurity, doubt, manipulation, and difficulty to life.  Rather, he minimizes those things.  He is wonderful. 

Every relationship eventually has to suffer the slings and arrows of the world, and I guess it’s a combination of a lot of things that determines whether you’ll “make it” or not.  We’ve talked about this before; it drives me crazy that there’s no set formula for it.  But I think that some are just naturally resistant than others to changing tides, and a full six months with zero fights is a better start than most people get.  We have been very blessed. 

This weekend Dan got tattooed (a very sweet gift from his bf Fred), we did some hanging out in Petersburg and at my parents’, and went on an antique-riddled adventure ending up somewhere way north of the city.  If you ever have a full tank of gas and nothing else to do, seriously just go out and drive down some crazy country roads and see what you find.  I love Virginia.  Also this week I dressed up a bulletin board.  If you ever want to rid yourself of the color brown, fabric works very nicely at covering it the heck up. 


  • Richmond Craft Mafia points out that there’s a new “shop local” tool on Etsy.  Use it!  Also, anybody going to the craft social on Feb. 10?  Let me know; I might be down.
  • Extinct / weird.  Extinct = weird.
  • The Lady of the Manners nails it once again.  Precisely my reaction.
  • Another Star Wars-licious lolcat.  I couldn’t resist.
  • I love this girl’s blog, and even though it’s mostly about everyday stuff, I enjoy reading it a lot.  Anyway I was recently talking about purchasing a minivan being equal to effectively ruining your own life, arriving at the conclusion that station wagons are the only acceptable family-targeted vehicle.  I feel the same way she does about vintage ones.
  • Brandt, whom we met at Cornerstone this summer, was in Relevant!  Congrats, Brandt.
  • Bleak House is finally on Librivox!  READ IMMEDIATELY if you have not already.
  • Yikes!  Strangely reminiscent of my good friend the Scarecrow.
  • This about sums up how I feel about Maxim.
  • In case you hadn’t heard, the Braves are out.  Not that big of a deal, but I will miss my yearly trek to the Diamond, with all of its hot dogs and umpire harassment.
  • The possibility of light rail for Richmond is one that is way too exciting to let myself get too hyped about.  But holy smokes, that would rule!

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