side note for nerds

By the way, I keep missing important things that people announce because I don’t have time to keep up with Myspace bulletins.  I know that it’s possible to generate an RSS feed of your bulletins, because it’s all over the internet if you google it. Does anyone have the capability to do that?  If so, I’d greatly appreciate your help with creating a feed for me, and I’ll pay you with money or food or drinks or whatever.  Let me know, because this would ensure that if they end up in my feeds, eventually I’ll see them.  This means you, Jonathan and Matt Morton and Chris Lacroix and all the other people with skillz that I know.


4 thoughts on “side note for nerds

  1. I looked all around that site this morning and could not find anything to help with getting a feed of any of the information! The only things I could find is using something to do a ‘page scrape’ of the data, and then put it into an RSS feed. You would have to have somewhere to host it though.

  2. Yeah, those are the ones I found too. These are just scripts that scrape the page. They then format it into an RSS XML file. The only thing is that you would have to update the script whenever MySpace may change formatting/text/etc. It would be nice if they actually had an API like facebook.

    You should try them on the MS site, just make sure of course you can run Ruby for one, PHP for the other. I can give you a hand if you have a question. Let me know how it goes though, Im really curious to have something just like that.

  3. Yeah, I messed with the script a bit this weekend but don’t know the first thing about ruby, let alone how to use it. I think I’m giving up for now, which sucks, but I don’t have time to learn to do all that just for this one thing. I haven’t coded in anything but HTML since college.

    Yes, an API would be nice, but you know with Myspace it’s just too much to ask.

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