it’s a cheerocracy

The last few days have been splendid, full of getting stuff done around the house, chilling out, etc.  I finished crocheting a beer cozy, made a couple of articles of clothing smaller, covered a bulletin board at Dan’s house with pretty fabric (news flash: I hate the color brown), and started making a tote from my new Simple Sewing book.  We also visited my parents, and that was very nice.  Dan and I owned my sister and her friend at the game Catchphrase.

And get a load of this weather!  Monday it felt like the summer outside, and walking to and from the gym at lunchtime was amazing.  I’m looking forward to warmer days ahead.  But I suppose it’ll get colder before it gets warmer.

Last night we had a lovely dinner at Enoteca Sogno with Daron and Cam.  The wine and all the dishes I sampled were delicious.  Not just “good,” I’m saying “delicious.”  Full-fledged culinary genius, that place is.  I adore the food there, and was just really bummed out that the pumpkin ravioli was all out.  We definitely liked it the first time we went there, but this time really solidified us as fans.  I think we’ll be frequenting that place on many date nights in the future.  The sparking conversation did help, of course.

A few links have piled up:

  • A statewide smoking ban has been proposed (again); I hope it has better luck this time.  I have nothing against smoking, but indoors it contributes to stench, squalor, and dry eyeballs.   If this ban were to pass, it would honestly make my life considerably better.
  • Bruce has been blogging it up in the art world.  I’m particularly fond of his Seascape video; please check it out.
  • So true: Richmonders really don’t take advantage of the amazing stuff around them.
  • The Science Museum of Virginia is having some science classes for grown-ups.  Not sure how I would get there on my lunch break, but the Beginning Beekeeping class did catch my eye.
  • Ah, Velvet.  Always trashy, always amusing.  Thanks, Tobacco Ave.
  • And yet!  Now look – the darn thing is finally gone!  Thank you, Velvet.  Although you can’t tell me that before the Tobacco Ave. piece, they didn’t know that thing was hideous.  They were just…stating the obvious.
  • The Queen owns you once again, this time on Youtube.
  • Holy smokes…check out Mothology for some amazing vintage-inspired housewares, etc.  Right down my alley, as it were.  I suspect some items will be appearing on ye olde wishlist from this place.

Photos are finally posted from New Year’s Eve.  There are certainly some mega cute ones.  It definitely turned out to be one of the most useful experiences ever, and I’m very glad of it.  We’ve received many apologies, so that’s been very nice, and all in all it’s been a very telling event.

But on the RSVP topic: come on.   I don’t expect people to know a bunch of obscure etiquette references, and I don’t know them myself.  But this is basic courtesy. 

Pop quiz: “RSVP” means –

a. Do nothing, and maybe show up to the event if you feel like it.
b. Respond to the invitation in one way or another, and even if you have to say “we might come, depending on this or that” it’ll help the host to plan the event.

The answer seems painfully obvious.

At any rate, I love you, you crazy friends of mine.  To all of you that have shown your concern (about the event in general, about your own actions, about the question of etiquette, etc.), thanks very much.  It is nice to know that you care! 

I also have to mention a special thank-you to DC Drew for gracing the NYE party with his presence.  He’s a wonderful guest, an excellent conversationalist, and a person who makes a party unforgettable.  Thanks man.

And now for a very figurative diversion about life.It has been interesting for me to see what happens in my life when a pebble is thrown across my path, since the past couple of years have been so blissfully pebble-free.  But you watch your friends, and you know how little issues affect them.  Does a pebble across their path not phase them at all, just make them frown a little and keep walking, cause them to fold their arms and throw temper tantrums and slam doors and kick and scream, or do they crumple up on a heap on the sidewalk, crying out laments to the cold sky above?  It’s an interesting dance.

For me, finally having a juicy little pebble with which to evaluate myself has been revealing.  I have been very fortunate in my life, fortunate enough I think to have a very calm sense of joy.  When I say “joy” I don’t mean a good mood, I mean a joyful existence…whereas with some folks, a change is mood is a change in overall existence: for example, a bad hair day means doom and destruction for the next month or so.  So I look at my life, and all the awesome things that are always happening in it, and all the bad things that are really just awesome things in disguise, and I see a huge current of joy.  I have good health, I live in a country that’s spoiled rotten to the core, I am constantly blessed, I do and learn new things every day, and I enjoy this life in the most excellent company.  I darn well should be grateful times a million.  On top of the huge current of joy is my current mood, which is just a thin crust.  So when a pebble is thrown across my path, it merely bounces off the crust, or makes a small indentation therein (nothing a little alone time or a productive rant won’t repair).

So I am pleasantly surprised once again.  Current state of affairs = fantastic.  Room for improvement = always huge.  Need to show more love every day.  Every day every day.  Need to construct a more creative mantra.

Last night we watched Bring It On and just in case you were wondering, yes, it is still hilarious.


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