wouldn’t it be smashing?

Man, I thought I was wiped out earlier this week after Christmas.  Now I’m so exhausted that only the firm, steady desire not to look like a failure is keeping me from keeling right over.  Friday night we had a date in celebration of Dan’s very first paycheck here, and we checked out Weezie’s Kitchen in Carytown.  Delicious crab cakes, no complaints…even though it’s an establishment named after someone’s dog.  Afterwards we walked around a little bit, and then ran errands at Target.  Went home to primp for a minute and pick up Silas, and then it was off to Michael Otley’s birthday party (47 years young!  J/k, MO), where we didn’t enjoy the wine we brought very much, but did have some lovely conversations.  Things are pretty much better in general when I’m wearing Talia’s blue dress, anyway.  Woke up yesterday morning, tried out my new waffle maker, and spent an hour cleaning all the mess up afterwards.  Vegged out for a couple of hours on the couch reading Amphigorey Again, until I forced myself to get up and take a shower, and race around Ukrops like an insane person for an hour buying party food.  Got home, rounded up the boys, took them tuxedo shopping (great great great success), and headed to the southside to meet my cousin for Cici’s Pizza and Sweeney Todd (yes, again). Afterwards, primping and walking to Cous Cous for Chip and Brenda’s going away party.  This was a lovely event because nearly every single person in town that I wanted to see was there, including the mythical 3 Tall Dans triumvirate.  I hardly knew what to do with all of my lovely Dans there.  We relocated to Ipanema for a little peace and quiet, and then KC and Katia took home all 47 of us, thank goodness.  Woke up this morning and made breakfast while putting on my own private musical to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack, took forever to clean up, went to Dan’s to make taco dip, got ready in a big hurry, took said dip to Jordan’s parents’ house for Gianna’s surprise baby shower.  Surprise!  She cried, she laughed, she opened up gifts.  We ate food and watched Rosemary’s Baby (how very Midnight Society of us), and then Dan and I went back to my house to pick up supplies, decide what I’m wearing tomorrow, and write a very nice note to put on my front door tomorrow night for any confused partyseekers.  Went back to Dan’s where I made another batch of ye olde taco dip and baked almost 200 tiny cupcakes.  Moved furniture around, started decorating, etc.  And here I am seeking solace in a complainy blog while Dan is napping in spite of himself on the couch.  We have been longing for some relaxation and quiet, uneventful evenings.  I hope beyond hoping that they’re right around the corner (aka, Tuesday).  I love my friends but I have no idea why I never cease constantly attending their events, telling them their hair looks good, and throwing parties for them.  It makes me miserably tired because they’re just so wonderful.  But all will be well after tomorrow night, and we shall all have some photos to prove it.  I can’t wait.  Happy birthday, 2007.  You’re dead!


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