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With the exception of me, Hugel, and a couple other people on our floor, most everyone has taken off for the holidays.  Next week I’ll be here all alone, as both Hugel and our boss will be out.  I have a lot to do, and I’m actually looking forward to having some peace and quiet so I can actually focus on some of the more time-consuming projects that have been on the back burner for months now.  It will feel good to move them from the “things I need to start / figure out / set up” bin into the “things I just need to maintain” bin.


Speaking of maintenance, much has been going on in the way of formatting and updates over the Midnight Society site, so if you’re interested, please check it out.


Watched Spiderman 3 this week and now have a severe hankering for red hair.  Hold it, don’t judge.  I’m talking about the vampy, fakey red hair.  Not that orangey, natural stuff.  Ick.


I also watched Elf, and while I was charmed by the singing of Zooey Deschanel and laughed at almost all the office humor, I actually think I didn’t want the elf to succeed.  This was a movie with very many jokes and very little wit, but I will say that it was nowhere near as bad as the real humans version of The Grinch.


I got my hair cut for the first time at Pine St. Barber Shop, which is horribly convenient for me.  Theron there did a great job and will certainly be revisited by his new favorite mass of bottle-black hair.


Today for lunch Corey and I went on an adventure on the other side of Broad St., trekking over to the Valentine Museum to have lunch at the café and browse around the gift shop.  There are many things I want in that gift shop, but quelle surprise.  I really need to stop trolling around historical sites as often; it’s bad for my money situation.  It’s just hard not to when I actually want things like books and such for a good cause: to expand my knowledge of this fair city / state, and to make my personal library a useful local resource – like anyone actually ever asks to borrow a book from me.  Actually Gianna, what the heck?  You never returned He’s Just Not That Into You.


This week’s top five things:

  1. Dan’s shepherd’s pie
  2. Corey’s tattoo video
  3. Cookies, and lots of them
  4. The noises Talia’s cat makes
  5. Random laughter from Brandi’s room when there’s no one in there but her


There is much to do this weekend: Tonight is a date night, tomorrow I have to deal with wallhangings at home, tomorrow night I’m partying with Prabir, and at some point I have to see Sweeney Todd.  And I don’t have to mention that Christmas is coming.  I’m almost as excited about the things that I’m getting as I am about the things that I’m giving.

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3 thoughts on “office echo

  1. Yep yep yep. I never take vacation at this time of year. Everyone else is out of the office, allowing the time and peace to breathe, reorganize and get a lot done before the insanity starts again.

    Here’s to a productive next week.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for checking out the blog, Tripp. Actually I have specific stuff to discuss with you involving certain domains and EE licenses, but we’ll talk about that Monday. For now: party time.

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