house=warmed, events=attended

This weekend was just as insane as promised, and yet it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  By last night I was tired but happy, and I had gotten a lot of stuff done.

The housewarming party was a grand success.  Dan and I made macaroons beforehand.  There were just enough guests for the perfect potluck, and everybody was impressed with Dan’s place.  Angie’s faux chicken nuggets were a hit, as was the 20Q. We took some WELC photos and everybody talked and drank until they scooted off to other holiday parties.  This is definitely going to pave the way for more fests at Das Bro Haus.

Saturday was the real challenge, though.  We watched Team America (stupid, funny) and cleaned up from the party, and then tried to go to Short Pump.  The whole area was backed up from the highway exit all the way to the mall, so we decided to go to Va Center Commons instead, which was fine.  We tied up almost all of the random loose ends on our holiday shopping lists and raced home with just enough time to change clothes and get to our event of the night: the Synergeo party at Bonnie’s house in Charles City.  I’ve always wanted to see the enormous plantation house that Bonnie inherited, and it definitely lived up to my expectations.  Some of the craziest ghost stories I’ve ever heard are associated with that house, so it was amazing to finally see it in person.  It was also a lovely drive out there, and we had a good time and got to meet some new people.  We could only stay for an hour before we had to leave to get to Daniel Lawson’s birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Short Pump.  It was packed and apparently the hostesses were rude to Daniel, but quelle surprise.  It’s the freaking Cheesecake Factory, home of ugly California-inspired decor and rude West End-ers.  Dinner was fun though, and I drank a lot of coffee to keep myself going for the rest of the night.  Afterwards we headed to Gallery5 to catch Ghastly City Sleep, who were amazing — and strangely enough, mostly Richmond natives.  Probably my favorite new band of 2007. By the time the show was over it was too late to go to either of the other parties we had been invited to, so we went to New York Deli for a bit to meet back up with Daniel & co.  After a very pleasant drink the night was finally over and we could do what Saturdays are for, which is rest.

Yesterday I completely finished my shopping (thanks Carytown) and after lunch at Mom’s Siam, we went home to wrap things.  After that we went to the Anchor / Viking Studios Christmas party at Common Groundz, which was tight.  Don’t let the ridiculous “z” scare you; that place has fantastic food.  It was lovely to see Kevin and meet his baby and wife, and to see Jamie and iPhone pics of the latest girl he’s dating.  David Shultz also played: top shelf, as always.  Then we went to the grocery store and back to Dan’s to make about a million cookies so I can take them to my mom’s cookie swap tonight.

So yeah.  With the exception of maybe a little bit Saturday morning, we didn’t do any relaxing this weekend.  I’m glad that most of the crazy busy stuff is over though, and we can just enjoy the actual holidays.  This week should involve a lot of drinking in the crisp winter air and hoping for snow.


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