time (spent)

The past few weeks have been a blur of Etsy shopping, assembling furniture, emptying boxes, hanging lights, and various other activities.  I always say I’m really busy, and that is true.  But I also keep a death grip on my schedule so that I don’t get too overwhelmed or too far behind on my routine tasks (everything from laundry to blogging).  Well, the plane has crashed into the proverbial mountain, and I’d probably be reverting back to using the unintelligible gurgle of a six-month-old if it weren’t for Google’s wonderful tools with which to organize my brain.

There are too many items of note to spend any decent amount of time talking about any of them.   But at least I can enumerate:

  • The Big Move is complete, and I now have a boyfriend that lives two blocks away from me.  The prospect of becoming a cat lady is not entirely out of reach, but receding quickly into the distance as I gaze back with a mostly-triumphant, slightly-wistful stare.  The house is coming along beautifully, and there are officially (as of today) NO more boxes to unpack.  Hallelujah!  I like hanging out here (for that is my current location) nearly as much as my own fantastic lodgings.  So suddenly I pretty much have two houses, and it is amazing.  Dan and I have gotten along swimmingly and do not tire of each others’ company at all.  We enjoy cooking dinner for each other and staring blissfully into each others’ eyes.  Yep, vomit!  I know.  Lucky lucky lucky me.
  • I have spent about four hours of my life attempting valiantly to get into Twin Peaks, Dan’s favorite television show.  I was all excited about it too, having heard it compared to Lost so many times.  Well, all I can say about it is…it’s so anti-Tess.  It’s the polar opposite of everything Tess.  I admit that Agent Dale Cooper is so rad that he allllllllmost redeems the show entirely with his brilliant idiosyncrasies, but yet…not quite.
  • I’ve wanted to help out with Synergeo for ages, and have been pursuing that avenue full steam recently.  It’s high time I got myself into a more service-oriented mind set.  Good for me, good for the universe, blah blah blah.  But I might actually be serving on the board of Synergeo; I just have to meet some more people and decide if I want to do it.  I’m really excited about this opportunity to be even more of a champion of Oregon Hill.
  • I saw the most bizarre movie ever, The Seashell and the Clergyman (1928), at Jameson’s amazing Silent Music Revival night.  Seriously, check it out.  It is lovely and scary and weird.
  • I discovered the most amazingly secret cemetery in this town and explored the heck out of it.  I go on and on about this for ages in this recent Midnight Society blog post.

  • I was really sick for several days and Dan took care of me the entire time with infinite patience.
  • I was in a wedding, which was in a purple church.
  • We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, complete with too many deviled eggs, a post-meal bonfire in Dad’s fire pit, and just a small bit of whiskey.  Dan even got to shoot guns with Dad and PawPaw, winning him many points undoubtedly.
  • Dan and I saw Rob Bell on The Gods Aren’t Angry Tour in DC.  This guy blows my mind weekly in the Mars Hill podcasts, but this took the cake.  I was skeptical, since I listen to him so often, that I’d hear much new stuff.  But he actually succeeded in saving up some really interesting nuggets of faith and philosophy that I’ll be chewing on for some time.  I have a lot to say about what I learned that night, but it will take too long right now so I’ll save it for later.  And maybe I’ll have some youtube links to supplement that with or something, because me explaining it won’t be half as good as hearing it from an amazing speaker.
  • Ikea on a Saturday will still suck the life out of you.
  • Decorating for Christmas was a blast, thanks to Kathryn and Dan for all their help.  The day after we decorated my house, we decorated Dan’s.  TCB, people.
  • I went to an amazing cookie-making party at Keith & Sharon’s house, and all I have to say is that I am the MASTER of making gingerbread cookies.  Well Sharon is, but I’m her close second.
  • The new Reflex at Toad’s Place is tight, and I’m glad Kris is finally starting it up again.  Dancing again felt so amazing.
  • After all these years, I finally got to see the mighty Action Patrol at Alley Katz.  What can I say that won’t be apparent in the photos and video that I upload at some point?  Yeah…that’s coming.  Just imagine me very, very excited and losing my mind singing along to one of my favorite punk bands ever.
  • For about the past week I have stressed out in the most ridiculous way about ordering all possible Christmas gifts as early as I could. and now I can finally chill since I only have a couple of things left to get.  O season of giving, why do I want to “get it over with” so quickly?  Such a selfish being am I.

I feel like this post doesn’t do a very good job of summing up the magic of the past month, but I guess some things just come through fuzzy at the end of a long workday and evening full of squinting at computer screens.

And yet, there are still links to be shared.

  • Finally, a mummified dinosaur.  Now we can finally build an amusement park to destroy us all.  But seriously, this is exciting.
  • Tolstoy and I have our work cut out for us.  Soon, very soon.
  • The new Richmond.com: slightly less cluttered than usual.  Definitely an improvement.  Still splattered with distracting ads, as RVANews points out.  But you have to realize where the money comes from.  And I mean…in comparison, there’s always InRich.com.
  • LOVE Morgan’s genius looks in her latest $40 Fashion Spread.
  • There have been a million posts about this on every blog in town, but I have to chime in: a new movie theater is coming to Richmond that (a) you don’t have to get on the highway to get to, and (b) will make you lose your mind. Check out the following post and then try to contemplate how excited I am about mimosas at the movies.
  • Creepy coincidence, or psychic sleeping?  You decide.
  • Looking at pretty things is fun.
  • I have seen these things at Dutch Gap and they are NOT a laughing matter.  I had nightmares.
  • Quit acting like you have to shop at the mall because you “don’t know where to find cool stuff.”
  • Need. Hairpieces.
  • Always one to sacrifice warmth for efficiency, I’m extremely excited about Kindle.
  • We’re getting a Whole Foods, though I doubt it matters much.
  • Tacky lights tour, people!  Get on it!
  • Still makes a southerner bristle.
  • Totally a fantastic project idea for me.
  • Cutest thing ever, for we young Padwans.
  • The handmade pledge!  Try following it as much as possible this Christmas.

Okay, exhausted now.  Going to quit typing for a few precious hours.  ::sigh::

Many photos have been posted on Flickr too, of course.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “time (spent)

  1. Weekends like the previous identify exactly why I left the big city to come back to Richmond. Naturally I saw you at almost every event I attended.

    “Take me to the brains behind this operation.”

  2. “So I can do more than just complain.”

    Ohhhhh man. Oh yes. It was lovely. And yes, you were kind of ubiquitous this weekend as well. Let’s make a habit out of that. Can’t wait for 409 XMAS FEST 2k7!

    My teenage self thrilled at the sound of those lyrics…..

    “I. Have. Got. Some. Thing. That. I. Want. To. Say.”

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