over / october

The 2nd package for my new couch came in the mail Thursday, and Dan assembled it.  Yes!  The library has been chair-less for some time now, and this couch really ties the room together.

I blogged about Halloween.  We had a great time handing out candy as usual and just enjoying the fantastic feeling of Halloween night in Oregon Hill.  Each roommate had a friend and a drink, and there were about one million cute babies everywhere.  Also, pictures are posted.

I’ve been crazy busy all this week at both work and home, and am looking happily at the planner pages for this weekend, thankfully blank of very many plans.  In the nonstop flow of holiday events I’ve been wanting a chance to just recharge and paint fingernails and flip through magazines and such.

I tried African food the other day for the first time ever.  It was good and made from very healthy ingredients, except that it was very greasy.  Which is probably why I liked it more than the Ethiopian food I recently tried.

RVANews.com launched.  It’s RSS-equipped, prettily designed, and officially the only “news” I read outside of the realm of Harry Potter.  Congratulations, Ross!  But seriously, it’s really exciting that we now have an aggregator of community blogs; this is one-stop shopping for news reported by our neighbors and peers.  In other words, this is way more relevant to you than what Britney’s up to or what the Chinese just passed a law about.  Get into it.

The food carts downtown make life so good.  This week I’ve had Indian, pasta, and sushi from basically the same street corner.  And on the cheap, too.  And it costs nothing to have Washington protect me astride his noble steed as I munch my street-bought fare.

Richmond is crisp and cold and breezy, and it finally feels like fall.


4 thoughts on “over / october

  1. haha, tess did you see my post where i put the bat clothes pins in a link with “did tess and angie see these?” i knew you would like them! 🙂

  2. OH NO…. i seriously hope you bought this couch off craigslist and didnt pay retail! I saw it on ‘the list’ last week…..

    how are you?

    i think youre swell. we should hang.

  3. What the heckkkkkkk?! Aw dang. Yeah I did not get it off craigslist. Frick. Ah well, it’s a lovely couch. I adore it. I’m doing great! Let’s definitely hang. Last time we saw each other was a blast.

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