in this town of halloween

This weekend was amazing with so much going on I could barely breathe. Friday night I saw Zetamale, Orioles, and Marshall Costan play at Nonesuch, which was fantastic. Afterwards we all headed over the usual place for the usual drill. Saturday morning I caught up with Daron over breakfast (yep, still my hero), and later picked pumpkins with Gianna, Katia, and KC (Richmond resident A-listers). That night I went to Wicked Woods, a new haunted woods thing near Fredericksburg. It was way better than Creepy Hollow and the stuff at Ashland Berry Farm, and well worth the $13 that Jameson, Kathryn, Angie and I paid to get in.  ‘Twas a fantastic Saturday, from beginning to end.

Also over the weekend, I accomplished the following:

  • Cleaned out the refrigerator doors (a way bigger task than you think)
  • Scrubbed the entire kitchen floor (same)
  • Cleaned the upstairs bathroom, including the floor under the tub (yikes)
  • Planted the front garden
  • Finished cleaning out underneath the stairs behind the house…quite possibly the worst job yet of all these
  • Took the clippers to the sidewalk between the house and the fence
  • Started clipping the jungle away along the backyard fence, but didn’t have time to make much progress, let alone finish

Yesterday when I got home from work, Old Man Johnson (this is what we call the man that lives across the street; we don’t know his name but he’s quite possibly the most amazing neighbor you could ever have, in a Fairy Godfather sort of a way) was out back finishing the clipping job I had started!  He was already almost done with half the backyard.  Allen told him to do it.  I love my house, I love my neighbors, I love everything.  I love not having to finish that insane job.

Then I baked some Halloween-y cupcakes and Kathryn helped ice them.  We went to Common Groundz (yeah, I know) to see Langley Holland and the Immaculate Shark: both fantastic.  Clair was stoked that we were there, and it was great to see him.  We had fun doing Etch-A-Sketch with Diana.

And now, for links!

Tonight I shall pick Dan up from the airport for his final visit to RVA before he moves here.  The word “excitement” doesn’t even do it justice.


One thought on “in this town of halloween

  1. hey…what was the (yeah, i know) thing about with common groundz?? they serve all organic fair-trade coffee! they rank pretty high on my list. but i’ve never been there to see a show, so not sure how that would be.

    i freakin miss you too much. ahhhhhhhhhh! love you!

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