pure productivity

Our house has always been amazing, and now we are taking steps to make it even more amazing, as impossible as it seems.

My to-do list has taken over my life this week. But after this, all the little, numerous projects will be done and all that will be left are a few larger projects.

Monday night I:
— cleaned out the freezer
— reorganized the fridge
— threw away tons of miscellaneous trash
— saw Megadeth!

Tuesday night I:
— helped Talia organize her kitchen stuff
— organized tupperware
— watched Tron
— helped Dan staple gun christmas lights up in the library
— helped Dan staple gun christmas lights to the ceiling of the back porch

Wednesday night I:
— took Dan to the airport (bye Dan!)
— played softball (hello mosquitoes!)
— moved nearly all the books in the black bookshelf into the white bookshelf
— moved some items to the downstairs bookshelf

Last night I:
— moved extra chairs out to the back porch
— moved the pile of recycling from the back of the house to the front by the gate
— put a paper grocery bag next to the trash can for optimal recycling ease
— swept up cat litter
— decorated for Halloween (lights, banner, themed candle holders, etc.)
— rearranged extension cords around the TV / fridge / kitchen table so that you don’t have to step over cords anymore
— moved the gas grill back up against the house
— staple gunned the kitchen lamp cord so that it goes along the window frame instead of the middle of the wall
— added two pendant lamps to the kitchen for more lighting when necessary
— unscrewed all light bulbs in overhead lights in the kitchen, living room, and library
— cleaned out the remainder of the black bookshelf, jamming all remaining books and photos and old writings onto shelves 1 and 2 and clearing up shelves 3, 4, and 5 by either throwing items away, transferring them to the white bookshelf, or moving them to the downstairs bookshelf

Tonight I will:
— get rid of old table, trash, abandoned compost pile, wrecked lawn chairs, and extra recycling from underneath the stairs in the backyard
— move items from the hall closet to the black bookshelf
— reorganize what’s left in the hall closet
— clean / reorganize the downstairs closet, use this extra space

Still left to do:
— purge both front and back gardens of weeds / wildflowers
— figure out where / what to hang on the walls of all the rooms
— get some more chairs for the back porch and living room

Every item that gets checked off the list is another exhilarating flourish on the road to improving quality of life in our castle. Lately I’m feeling like the opposite of Peter Gibbons. Every day that you see me, that’s on the best day of my life.


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