fire it up

I have not really been able to hear out of my left ear for several days, and it is a very strange sensation.  It’s not my “trick ear,” but a rather severe cold that’s overstayed its welcome.  I’ve never lost hearing before, at least not for a good reason.

Sunday we went to see Maddie’s older cousins in D.C.  Their perfectly-pressed pants, hospitality, and lively conversation charmed me as usual.  Entering Mark’s house is like entering another world: you’re served nuts and hors d’oeuvres and cocktails on monogrammed napkins, and you pad around oriental rug-covered floors listening to Yma Sumac as you view an oil portrait of a fictional Cortsylvanian czar in the dimly-lit drawing room.  In short, visiting these cousins is pure bliss.

Last night the Midnight Society visited Cold Harbor Battlefield in the friscillating dusklight.  The battlefield itself was full of deer, the Garthright House was lovely and haunting, and the trails in the woods adjacent were pretty, lonely, and educational.  Definitely a place to revisit at night sometime.

This week has been / will be probably just a waiting game to see when the heck this cold is going to end, and when I can hear and breathe again.

And look.  I only saved one link in the past few days.  How fruitless!

  • Well, that’s one way of doing it.

Right now we’re watching The Crow, and I’ll be darned if it’s not showing its age a little.  There are some incredibly bad one-liners.  But Brandon Lee still owns.


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