I have been happy, busy, and a little sick.  On my birthday I had sushi for lunch, a lollipop with a scorpion in it for a snack, and squid pasta for dinner.  I guess normal people food isn’t doing it for me anymore.

Today I’m hopped up on Day-Quil and Theraflu, and later I hope to be hopped up on Maddie’s magical ginger cider.  My throat has gone on strike.

One of the coolest things ever happened on Sunday.   Maddie arranged for us to tour the inside of Westover, and it was everything I ever wanted it to be.  It’s clean, white, simple, and full of bookcases.  There are arched doorways and there are ghosts.  There is an enormous, dark portrait of Evelyn Byrd.  I could live there.  I think part of me does.

Having Dan around doing pretty much nothing all day while I’m at work has been grand.   He gets up in the morning and makes me french toast and coffee, and takes me to work, and vacuums and runs errands and fixes things, and takes me to lunch, and reads Harry Potter, and picks me back up from work and gives me items like white chocolate strawberries or hair dye or Halloween decorations.  I have become entirely too spoiled for my own good and have forgotten how to take care of normal daily tasks.  I feel like I live at a spa.  Unfortunately at some point he’ll have to actually move here and get a job and an apartment (or I’ll realize this has all really been a very pleasant mirage).  And then I guess I can say goodbye to french toast.  On weekdays, anyway.

Tonight Dan, Angie, Jamie Nester, and I are going to Busch Gardens to get our Howl-O-Scream on. Speaking of impending Halloweens, who wants to take part in our 90s music video-themed costumes?  Get into it.

Of course you all deserve some links for sitting through that rather tardy, and possibly boring blog post.


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