new and old

Here is a picture of those Japanese teenagers that Nicole forced to make birthday cards for me.  The cards and the picture didn’t make my day…they made my life.  Thanks, Nico.  I’m trying to find a way not to mention cuss words or Dave Mustaine in my reply.  Those are dangerous things.  P.S. Yesterday was Dave Mustaine’s birthday, people.  Hope you partied as hard as I did.

It’s amazing how when things are sort of crazy and you’ve been maybe stressing out a lot, the simple things can mean a lot to you.  The comfort of playing softball Wednesday night was strangely calming to me.  The afternoon sun and the smell of dirt on the field felt like high school, and the cool breeze from the just-beginning fall calmed me.  Standing out in left-center I couldn’t help but say “Oh yeah…this is why I do this.”  I can’t believe I still love it after all these years.

Combine that with scratching a lot of things off my to-do list, being treated to ice cream by my very nice boss, and getting the best birthday presents ever from Nicole and Dan…and I feel like this birthday week is already one of the best ever.  And there are still several days before I’m officially 26.


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