plus c’est la même chose

I love it when people find my blog by searching for things like “TK421, do you copy?” and “shark in a bottle.” It makes me feel like what I do is not in vain. I’m a living, breathing part of the blogosphere, here to serve those looking for the elusive shark in a bottle. Hey, why is WordPress trying to correct my spelling of “blogosphere?” And my spelling of….er….”Wordpress?” Wack.

So much has been going on lately and I’ve had so much to do that every moment at home is precious. I feel like my to-do list is like one of the bosses from Zelda and I’m always locked in battle with it. And the more I keep cutting its heads off, the more it keeps sprouting new ones. Right now I’m having trouble sleeping because I know the silver downstairs needs polishing. The past couple of days I’ve been super productive, and yet there’s always the feeling that it’ll creep up on me again. But that may just be the sensation of our actual garden starting to take over the house with its unruly tendrils…something else I need to tend to ASAP.

Last night we watched movies downstairs and made art together, which Maddie pointed out hasn’t happened in a long time. Usually she makes art and I craft, really. But last night I was making another piece of liquid glass art for Sam and Tracy, who are getting married on Saturday. I’ll post pictures when I’m done with it.

I pretty much have a wedding to go to every other weekend until I die. At least this one didn’t require that all-too-familiar trip to Crate and Barrel, since I don’t work close to one anymore.

But know what I do work close to? The Capitol, with its sunny lawns and statues of certain hot American war heroes. And a post office. And restaurants. All within walking distance. I’m still not over how rad it is to be out of Innsbrook, the evil office park of gargantuan proportions and gargantuan doom.

Yesterday I received a totally sweet package from Nicole, full of goodies from Japan like tea and a tea cup and a paper crane and sesame-covered edamame beans and a bunch of birthday cards that she made some Japanese teenagers write. You cannot believe how giddy this made me. See, this is how great my friends are. And these are the types of things I have to look forward to. I am lucky.

Tonight is softball and tomorrow Dan gets into town. And soon afterwards I turn 26. And here are some links.

  • You know I would be right there with them.
  • Yes, I still can’t help blogging about this wallpaper every single time it turns up.
  • Now this is when you know you’ve arrived.
  • Dear cute umbrellas.
  • Current WANT.
  • Bling bling.
  • Practically perfect in every way.

And life hurtles forward “at subsonic speeds,” to quote Presidents. I can’t wait for the (hopefully) somewhat restful weekend ahead, and at least some obligatory time spent lying in bed watching the curtain move back and forth with the wind.


2 thoughts on “plus c’est la même chose

  1. I wish Tracy and Sam hadn’t planned their wedding on the same day as Phil’s, arg! Wish I could be there… have a great time!!

  2. those ARE cute umbrellas!!! too bad i lose every single umbrella i ever get. i’ve already lost three in japan. i’m not kidding. haha

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