pony invasion

This weekend Talia and I drove up to Assateague Island to meet up with DC Drew and friends for a camping extravaganza. We definitely camped, alright. From the moment we got there to the moment we left, our bodies were covered in a thick sludge made up of old makeup, 60 SPF, and DEET. DEET is now a verb, y’all. Here, I’ll give some examples: “DEET my back, quick!” “I gotta get DEETed up immediately.” “After all that DEETing, we’re still doomed.”

Assateague is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, and yet I find myself asking if it was worth the roughly 47 mosquito bites I sustained even while bathed in Deep Woods OFF! Just imagine clouds of mosquitoes. Clouds of them. It makes me shudder.

All the same I had a lovely time. It was awesome to hang out with Drew finally, after much delay in that arena. Talia was a stalwart and easygoing travel mate. And beach bonfires are still amazing.

Last night one of the couples camping with us started going “hey who’s in the cooler, guys?” Then they unzipped their tent flap to see who was prowling around in the middle of the night, and quickly screamed out many expletives. “The freaking horse is standing right there staring straight into the tent!” Two of these invaders had crashed our camp site, and had actually taken the top off of one of the coolers and were rummaging around inside. I think the only real casualty was a bag of potato roll hamburger buns. Horses are pretty to look at from afar, and scary to have breathing down your neck in the pitch black darkness.

I’m glad to be home, showered, and nestled back into my freshly-laundered sheets now. Every once in a while it’s good to check, but civilization is still tops for me.


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