minimum carnage

The past week or so has been amazing; it’s been a blast to have Dan in town but of course it’s been exhausting trying to do all the Richmond stuff, see all the sights, meet all the people, etc. etc. It’s been a whirlwind of the usual haunts (the river, Hollywood), celebrations (Sean’s birthday, Nicole / Tesni’s going away), and day trips (White Hall Vineyards, Jamestown, Va Beach). If anyone hasn’t been to Jamestown in a few years, go revisit. The fort and the Powhatan village are as fun as ever, but the museum has come a really long way. They have some amazing exhibits and artifacts there now, so go check it out. Also, if you haven’t had the pleasure of being grossed out by the sharks in a jar at VA Beach, go do that as well. They’re located in most of the shops along the oceanfront.

Last night’s Richmond punk / hardcore trivia at Cous Cous was also a standout event of the past week. Of course Garth and Leland won, but they only answered one more question correctly than we did, and it’s because it was a “name that tune” question about a Strike Anywhere song. No fair, no fair. But seriously it was a blast just to recall some of that stuff, although I only knew about 1/3 of the answers.

With all the running around and seeing cool stuff, my favorite hangouts have probably just been around the house: hangouts of the back porch / bottle of wine / Meat Puppets variety. Houseguests can be a hassle, but this one is not so much hassle as sheer awesome. Also, I hate all of you for never having shown me Harold and Maude before. What the heck is wrong with you? Friends schmiends.

I haven’t had time to take many pictures, but I have a few. I’ll upload them, um. Whenever I feel like it. For now, get into Nicole’s pictures from Saturday. Nothing like the satisfying feeling of lounging on the t-shirt blanket of doom after a rough afternoon of wine-tasting.

I have many, many links that have been piling up lately. The excitement never ends here at Parasol Party. Stay tuned.


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