so divine

This week has been pretty tame, thank goodness.  I’ve had a ton of things to do around the house (cleaning, organizing, planning, sending things), so most free time has been spent sewing, movie-watching (specimen 1, specimen 2 – featuring, ahem, Daniel DeFREAKINGronda), and storm-watching on the back porch.  Also, I have watched this video about 1 million times this week.  I know it’s old, but…it’s still the best.  Last night, Maddie and I had dinner with Mom and Megan at the Hill Cafe.  Go order the Blackened Tuna Sandwich, but asked for it seared rare instead of cooked to death.  Amazing.  Afterwards we grabbed coffee and walked around Capitol Square to enjoy the rest of the lovely evening. I highly recommend it, but don’t give out the secret to too many people.

Quote of the day goes to the unsinkable Shigeru Miyamoto:

And so really what we feel is that rather than answering the question of what to do about violence in video games, we can, through the games that we create, once again make video games a topic of popular discussion and popular culture, then gradually you’re going to see society come to understand video games better and understand what they’re all about. At that point, once that understanding is there, people will become able to address their concerns about violent video games from a position of understanding rather than a position of being on the outside looking in.

Time for links.  And I don’t mean the kind that find the triforce.

  • A video explaining RSS feeds, for those who still don’t get it.  And yes, it really is that revolutionary.
  • This new thing called Tumblr, via Dine Alone.  Apparently if blogs are journals, it’s a scrapbook.  Not sure how this fits in with simpler bookmark applications like, but looks neat anyway.
  • Miyamoto gets me excited, once again.  More details about Wii Fit (this. is. going. to. change. my. life.), as well as details about the philosophy of Wii and Nintendo.
  • Umbridge’s office design featured on Apartment Therapy (GET those cat plates).  Finally, some credit is given for the ambitious, blindingly brilliant aesthetics created in the HP universe.
  • On, some rather ashen beauty, followed by over-the-top bathrooms.
  • Obviously a sweet party accessory: geek tattoos.
  • And even more pretty doors.  Apparently everything is via Apartment Therapy.
  • Amazing, totally evil, glow-in-the-dark cross-stitch pattern: Meat for the Beast.
  • Finally, that guy in New Orleans has gotten absinthe right.  Let the carnage begin.
  • Hold everything.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is about to come true.
  • For David, with love.
  • Need bat house.  Need.


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