it was like magic

Of course I started out with the good intention of blogging a little each night, but I kinda got out of the habit just for sheer busy-ness and exhaustion.

The rest of the trip was amazing.  Cornerstone 2007 was the best year yet, by far.  There is certainly nothing better than obtaining a whole new army of friends who will line up so you can dote on them in various ways (feeding them ice cream, drawing on them with markers, painting their nails, etc.).  I wish I could do that every week.  Add to this the constant parade of quality people-watching, the weird Polish guy who’s supposed to send me a copy of a medieval magazine he posed in to exhibit medieval weaponry, and hyperactive band dudes with megaphones…and you’ve got yourself a successful Cornerstone.  Did we sell much merch?  Not a whole lot.  But we had a good time, and we didn’t lose money, I don’t think.  Success is ours.

Other highlights included Rosie Thomas, whiskey and Copeland on Thursday night and Chinese rock / paper / scissors (ask me to show you how to play), The Blue Letter, vanilla vodka and mewithoutyou on Friday night, and the ever-popular activity of holding a mega cute baby.

Highlights did NOT include the 17-hour ride home, during which Sean, Jamie, and I were tired, cranky, and sick.  I got home at 1pm on Sunday with a sore throat and no hearing in my right ear.  I crashed out and slept / talked on the phone for a few hours, and then Prabir made dinner and came over.  We had a nice talk, after which I uploaded a million photos and went to bed.  A few videos on youtube are still to come, so stay tuned.

As always Cornerstone ends and I have lots of memorabilia to sort through, phone numbers to keep, and recovering to do.  Never a relaxing vacation, but always a rewarding one.

Links and such will have to wait.  I gotta go!  More blogging when the haze has cleared.


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