of stir-fries and mudslides

Today we were able “sleep in,” which means we didn’t have to be at the fest super early.  The merch tent didn’t technically open ’til 6pm, so we had all day to set up.  Which is good, because we needed it.  I had a lot of help in all of this, but there was lots to be done.  We hung the banner and the backdrop, duct-taped all the shirts to their correctly folded states, safety-pinned them onto the backdrop, and labeled them for price.  Laid CDs out according to price and labeled them.  Organized t-shirts according to size, and CDs stacked in boxes under the table.  Kept track of sales via a little notebook.

That took hours.

Once that was all done, we walked over to fill up water bottles and watch The Gentleman Homicide play a generator stage.  Tons of technical difficulties, but just as fun and all over the place as ever.  Their current guitar player makes for a very mathy addition, but without losing any of the music’s conduciveness to head-bobbing (a la Dillinger).   Today was incredibly hot and sunny and oppressive, so thank goodness for borrowing a huge scarf to lay over my pale shoulders.

Expensive vegetarian dinner shared with Dan, but we lucked out because they accidentally made us two orders of our stir-fry.  Bonus.  The rice was boring and gross, but the squash was excellent.

Then we sold merch all night, and hugged old friends, and met new people, and watched Dan do magic tricks.  Magic tricks were probably the highlight of the evening.  Well, that and having Harry Gore come by the table (legendary Richmond staple).

The worst part of the day was when it suddenly started monsoon-ing on Cornerstone Festival.  Water ran in sheets down the side of the tent and into our booth, all over the t-shirts and CDs and everything else.  We shuffled things around and stacked everything on tables to avoid the incoming mud bath.  When it rains, ye olde dust bowl turns into ye olde mud bowl.  Completely not helpful for things that aren’t supposed to get wet (like good hair cuts, and electric fans).

Today was better than yesterday, and I think tomorrow will be even more fun now that we’re settled in and ready to just hang out.  And now that all the youngsters are sufficiently sunburned to want to spend all their time sitting in their tents.  Pass the word along: free black nail polish (1 coat) and free black eyeliner (1 application) at the Blood & Ink booth.

Also, last night I dreamed that I lived in a mansion in a mountainous region where it was always snowing.  We were at war with the vampires.  It was terrifying.


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