land of nothing

In case you didn’t know, I’m off on my yearly trip to Cornerstone with Blood and Ink Records. I love the dust, the noise, the friends, the chaos, the boys, the goth tent, and so on and so forth. But one of the things I love best is traveling through the midwest to get here. I’m surprised by its simplicity every time. It’s flat and dusty and straight-up covered in corn stalks. Everything seems very stark: the horizon and the sky and the old gray barns.

Last night we stayed in Brookville, OH to break up our journey. Today we got to the hotel in Macomb, IL around 5pm or so, and headed out to start setting up the merch booth shortly thereafter. I sewed for about an hour on a backdrop that we’re going to pin all the shirts to. It’s made of flimsy Elvis-print fabric we got at Wal-Mart. Then we went and ate dinner. Now I’m waiting for some of our other Richmond friends to arrive so we can go out for some drinks in downtown Macomb.

As great as it is to see everyone and to be here again, I’m rather homesick. That always happens…but maybe more so this year because I’ve been so happy at home. Already I miss our house and our street and our life far away from the vacant sneers of teenagers. But this will be therapeutic. Let’s get started.


4 thoughts on “land of nothing

  1. Funny…I’ve lived in the Midwest so long that when I drive to Virginia, I get super excited when I hit West Virginia and don’t have to deal with the endless flatness and cornfrields. Maybe I need to rediscover Midwest beauty.

  2. well I do understand that it gets real old, real quick. hence the title of the post: “land of nothing.” but it has its charm. it’s just a very plain sort of charm.

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