replace, re-track

Once again it’s taken me forever to get around to recounting my weekend.  This was was pretty awful, but probably due to the contrast against my usually perfect weekends.  This one ranged from blah to ugh, with a few smatterings of yay.

Friday night was the high point I suppose, because not much in the world beats catching a baseball game with clan White Bear.  We laughed, we talked, we saw a lot of errors committed.  The Braves lost miserably, but no one stayed to see the end because of the brutal thunderstorm that blew up.

Saturday started out all right but was, despite my best efforts, bathed in awkwardness and the sinking feeling of things being out of my control, which I always hate.  Also when I’m not feeling well, I can’t eat.  Which makes me feel worse.  So as good as the food smelled at La Bamba, where I went with Katie, Lauren, and Drew (Lauren’s bf), I couldn’t really enjoy it.  But once we got down to Rumors Boutique‘s opening party I felt wonderful.  I think it was some combination of champagne and a healthy dose of friendliness, understanding, and love from my friends.  I certainly can’t say that my friends aren’t there for me when I’m on the fritz.  I was forced to have a good time and I drank it all in happily.  So minus some long-winded, hard-headed drama to which I was obliged to patiently listen, the evening cheered me up.

Sunday was Norbert’s retirement party.  He’s the guy I worked with at the Math & Science Center who was very kind to me, who enlightened me with his amazing stories of his life, and who (I think) had a really good impact on my life.   It was awesome to see not only him, but all the other people I worked with there.  I miss that group of people; they are a truly creative and passionate bunch.  They also have a zany collective sense of humor, which I miss.

After that I went to dinner for my sister’s 21st birthday.  Not much I can say for that except that my LITTLE SISTER is now 21 years old.  It is shocking, I tell you.  Quite shocking.

Yesterday I went to the Richmond Ghost Trackers Meetup at Curio, which was a lot of fun and very interesting.  A lot of times you cautiously go to check out a group from online, and it’s full of creepsters.  This one was full of smart, nice people who want to talk about things like spectres!  The undead!  And so on, and so forth.  But I’ll talk more about that on the Midnight Society blog.  Afterwards I went to see Now Sleepyhead at the Camel.  It’s a nice place.  I’d never been there before, and two things sucked: they have no food and no wine to serve at the moment due to some sort of a mess-up, and the whole place is painted an unfortunate shade of brownish beige.  Yes yes, I know.  Of all the colors in the universe you could pick.  Really.  But the show was fun and laid-back, and I managed to stay all the way through Now Sleepyhead’s set, even on a Monday night.  My heart swells with pride just thinking about it.

Don’t have time for much more now; need to work on Midnight Society stuff.  I’m sure some links are due, but they shall wait ’til next time.


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