fitter. happier. tired.

I finished revisiting Jane Eyre this week, and it really is one of the most romantic stories of all time.  Those Brontë sisters really favor the dark, brooding types for the lead male role, that’s for sure.  And yet I have no problem with that whatsoever.   Go ‘head, Mr. Rochester.  Do what you do.

This weekend was rather good.  I didn’t feel so great on Friday night, so I just stopped by Blair’s birthday party for a bit, and Empire for a bit. Friends made me laugh and cheered me up.  Saturday the Dixon family (all 5 of us, really) went to the Blackbeard Festival, and holy smokes I wish I had brought my camera.  Nothing beats a city full of rednecks and hippies, dressed up for the day like pirates.  I saw a lot of pretty sordid things there, and the most sordid of all was when Dad got drunk.  Shiver me timbers, foreal.  The high point of the day involved either the fried oysters I had at Marker 20, or the soft serve in a waffle cone later on.  It was not a good day for the diet.

Saturday night I met up with basically all of WELC at Mars and danced it up for Jordan’s going away festivities.  To quote Jonathan yet again, I was what they call “wildin’ out.”  It was so good to dance at Mars with Jordan one last time.  She will be back, of course, so I’m not that stressed about her leaving.  Plus I want her to be happy and finally live in the same city as her boyfriend.  Aside from that little voice in the back of my head that keeps screaming “If I can’t have her, no one will!”

All day Sunday was spent getting the house ready for Kim’s shower.  We moved furniture all over the place.  We cleaned.  We baked and chopped and iced and mixed, while watching Truth or Dare.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely, and that was before the shower even started.  It was a grand success, and once again Maddie outdid herself as the greatest hostess of all time.  Kim was beautiful and happy, and that made everyone else happy.  Afterwards Indi came over and we got to hang out with him for a while, so that was good.  Kim’s friend Margot hung around for a while too, and Maddie had way too much pomegranate liquor.  I went to bed as early as possible, after uploading some photos.

Monday night I played croquet with Maddie, our friend Emily who’s down from NYC for the summer, Bruce, and Ryan.  I thoroughly murdered all of them, twice.  Afterwards we had a delicious dinner of broiled vegetables and open-faced arugula / egg sandwiches (sounds weird, tastes good).  I went to bed early.

Somehow I keep waking up exhausted, even with all this going to bed early.  Getting contacts on Tuesday did not help this situation, as my already-dry eyes are not too happy about it.  Actually they’re miserable.  But I’m going to try them out for the whole two weeks, and then we’ll see what happens.

Tuesday night Midnight Society met and discussed plans for the foreseeable future. We made a list of places to go, and now our existence will be all about crossing places off that list.  I have a feeling a lot of those sites will be visited in conjunction with a winery or two.  In addition to being productive, it was amazing in general just to be around Mandy and Angie for a couple of hours.  The three of us got all caught up, and as I always do after hanging out with either of those two, I felt better about myself and happier than I had before I hung out with them.  Curious how some people just have that effect on you.  Mandy’s posted about a million photos of us from the meeting.  I look very tired and very happy.  I suppose that’s what I am.

Wednesday the Tidalwaves got murdered again by Pepsi.  Quelle surprise.

Today is Thursday, and Maddie and I are going to eat dinner and watch American Graffiti, and then I’m going to go to bed.  The plan is for me to wake up feeling totally refreshed tomorrow.  Let’s see if it happens.  I think these contacts are just making me feel tired all the time, because my eyes are hating it.  But we’ll see.


8 thoughts on “fitter. happier. tired.

  1. Thank you, Michael. You are always so complimentary, although I must say I’ve never thought of myself as photogenic before. There are some BAD pictures of me out there. And of Angie too; I don’t think most photos ever capture how pretty she really is.

  2. I think everyone feels that way (that some photos of them are just BAD), especially now with all these digital pictures floating around everywhere.

    k I’m ok with the idea that photos don’t always capture all the best parts of what makes someone physically attractive because for me just seeing someone’s face in a photo reminds me of how much I like their personality.

    Ok, now I have to come up with something mean to say since I don’t want to be overly complimentary. Um, I’ll come up with something later.

  3. Yes, I suppose you’re right about photos just being one impression of a person, not necessarily the most flattering one. It’s just hard to un-learn years of being trained to think a certain thing is “attractive” or “beautiful.” Trust me though, I’ve come a long way in the self-esteem department. Probably all girls have to go through years of unlearning what they think is pretty / attractive / thin, versus what’s actually important, and what really makes a person attractive.

    But don’t say anything mean! Because then I will be forced to think of something mean to say about you. NOT COOL. Maybe you take too many photos of your cats; that’s all I can think of. But they’re so cute!

  4. More photos of my Boo please! But not more photos of Me because I feel like I’m always being captured in uncomplimentary smiling photos. I have a complex about the chipmunk cheeks thing. It goes back to my childhood. I know I’m pretty, I just don’t like to smile in photos…is that so bad I ask you? Can’t I have a laughing face or a straight face instead? I miss you guys. Time for a visit.

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