I’m watching the national spelling bee on TV right now, and a kid just got out for misspelling “cachalot.”  Mad props to that eighth-grader.  Even if he is a redhead.  Seriously I know spelling bees are all the rage now, but these kids are so adorably genius and clueless at the same time.  I can’t stand it.

Today was one of the worst days I’ve had in a long time, simply due to being sick, dealing with maximum obnoxiousness at work, and then having the Comcast guy not show up after I took three hours off work to wait for him (quelle surprise).  I just felt wretched and awful, like I haven’t in a long while.  But talking to Matt for a while and hearing the sarcastic laugh of my amazing boss at work cheered me up considerably, and now things are back to normal.  Followed it up with a visit to the southside for small group, more laughter, and ye olde shirtless Bruce greeting me at the top of the stairs upon my return.  I just finished watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which was silly to say the least, and am thankful to have this faithful old place to purge the cares of the day as I enjoy a popsicle.

Some excellent news gleaned today:  They’re making a theme park at Universal Studios Orlando that will be HARRY POTTER THEMED.  That’s right.  Oh yes, I will be there as soon as possible after its opening.  I can think of some names for attractions there, but maybe I’d better not since some of those actors are still underage.

Also, thanks to the Oregon Hill email list: check out this map showing when houses were built.  Fascinating.


2 thoughts on “cachalot

  1. I’m an excellent speller (in my forest gump voice) – I remember the homeroom spelling bee in 8th grade – i was so nervous about making it to the next level – that i purposely misspelled acetone. What a dope. 🙂

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