So I finally gave up and subscribed to I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?  It was just getting way too weak.

The one above reminds me of the way lots of people act whenever they see something shinier than the stuff they’ve already got.  But the best part is the cat in the background with the guard around its face.  That is amazing.

Yesterday I got a lot done on the scanning in old family photos project.  I only have one album and a small box of photos left to go.  For this round anyway.  I’m exhausted of it.  I will be posting them all on flickr afterwards as a means of alternative storage, but only some of them will be public because the rest are either embarrassing or boring.

I also walked down to the Byrd House Market and got some fresh strawberries that were incredible.

Speaking of flickr, my friends have been busy today.  Kenny posted pics of the pillows he made after I threaded his machine on Monday, and they’re great!  And Dan posted pics from the little winery excursion he was so lucky as to attend with Maddie and I.  Fun fun fun.  Also, I posted a couple new ones from the parasol bunch that Brandi took of me.  I wonder if they turned out more flattering because it was someone else taking the pictures.

Also yesterday I sent a couple of pictures to the Wired Star Wars pool, although they’re just fun and not anything compared to the elaborate costumes that some people cook up.

Time for links.

  • I’m loving the I.V. plant pot.  Also, that’s a nurse’s outfit done pretty and done right, people.   I can think of some album art for a certain Blink-182 album (and all things inspired by it or inspiring it) that’s neither pretty nor right.
  • Gorgoroth = fascinatingly bizarre.  If this doesn’t fascinate you, then metal never did.  This is the epitome of taking oneself seriously.  Very, very seriously.
  • Lost season finale is tonight!  Just saying.
  • How did it somehow escape me that Libertine is having stuff at Target?!  I adore Libertine (although yeah, these pieces are way preppier than necessary).  Thank goodness Morgan is around to clue a person in, geez.  The lace bolero will be mine.
  • Some people have been putting flowers, etc. around the place where Jonny Z died.
  • Hilarious story about antics at Belle Isle that are a strange mix of hippie, Ozzy, and not really surprsing at all.
  • I agree with the idea of instituting a rule when you’re not sure whether or not to invest in some household item.  “I’d say 75% of the time, the craving passes.”  Agreed.  And then, if it doesn’t, you know it’s for real.
  • Sad, sad.  Goodbye, bridge.

3 thoughts on “plz

  1. aww yes! i can totally see you in that bolero, it’s like, dark-pretty without being goth. and it’s somehow very loretta lynn…

  2. ya i kept seeing the cheezburgr blog everytime i logged in – still tryin to figure it out, but hey, maybe its jus to giggle at – i was bout to blog bout it too 🙂

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