The weekend was fun, if rather busy.  You already know about the Inquisition part.

The next two days were full of cookouts, backyard hangouts, and mini dinner parties. One of the highlights was when Maddie and I accidentally had too much to drink at breakfast on Sunday and were made fun of by Matt, who’s always drunk on weeknights anyway.   It was fun having him around, and I was delighted to find yesterday afternoon that he had left behind his hair pomade when he skipped town as a gesture of goodwill to Maddie and I.  This, my friends, is a good sign.

Yesterday was spent recuperating by being productive around the house.  Doing dishes, baking, fixing Kenny’s / Emaleight’s sewing machine, uploading pictures, writing up a little blurb for one of Sharon’s bachelorette gifts, and finally reading the new issue of Teen Vogue, which features ye olde adorable Harry Potter stars on the cover.

This afternoon will be spent at the Byrd House Market with Maddie, and then relaxing, I hope.  I really need to finish that project I’ve been working on with scanning in all of my old family photos, because it’s been hanging over my head since Thanksgiving.


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