the edge owns you

Just look at him. He does.

staring at the sun

So I found this really neat band on Myspace called U2. PSYCHE. But yeah, their Myspace page does have some pretty tight backgrounds. I have long been a fan of staring at photographs of U2 in various stages: young U2, middle-aged U2, old U2. Get into it.

I have many links to catch up on here.

  • Another sweet flickr group: this one on Subversive Cross Stitch. Lots of inspiration here.
  • A Cthulu cookout?!!!! This new RVA goth shop is already knocking them out of the park. Lovecraft is turning over in his grave right now. I’m sorry, I just love it. Squid…on a stick!
  • Fancy collages = heirlooms.
  • I always thank my lucky stars that I’m a girl and actually have easily-accessible options about what to wear. But these ties are cool.
  • How to throw a dinner for HRH the Queen, in case you were wondering.
  • Forgot to mention this earlier: Branch blogged a really great Jonny Z photo.
  • Flickr slideshow improvements = good.
  • Noel and Adam are famous!
  • We finally tried our tea blooms (me, Maddie, Talia, Nicole) and they were quite a success. As you can see from all the press, these things are catching on.
  • I have always been a fan of library pictures.
  • Tea towels make neat gifts.
  • More from MOO on flickr.
  • TMNT.
  • Check out Hatemail on Etsy. Love it.
  • New stuff for your site, from Google. Maybe we’ll see some of this on the blog sometime soon.
  • Nigel Tufnel is still at it.

Alright, I’m out for today. It’s been a long one.


2 thoughts on “the edge owns you

  1. wow check them out – and to think I grew up with that band – so long ago 🙂 you have an awesome site loaded with fun-filled and interesting info! not sure if you remember me from ISRI? found ur blog through Lumpkin

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