duly updated

I wouldn’t say things are back to normal. Tuesday night, Kelsey and I went to 821, where a bunch of people had gathered to eat food / mourn / hang out. I got more hugs than I’d ever gotten in one place before…and not those half-hugs that people are always doling out. I mean real, serious hugs. The kind of hugs that do what they’re designed to do: transfer love from one person to another. We had some beers and pooled information and caught up. People passed around photos and laughed at them through their tears. I went home feeling pretty satisfied; like we had really needed to get together like that. With the story so fuzzy and lacking of details, it’s hard for anyone to get closure. “This is a step in the right direction, though” I told myself.

But the longer this week drags on (it feels like the longest week ever), the more apparent becomes the gaping hole left in our scene. People are bereaved, which explains all the attempts to explain, share, commemorate, organize, mobilize, brainstorm, etc. etc. I’ve heard talk of getting a space started for shows and such, which was one of Jonny’s plans for the near future. And I’m sure that won’t be the only positive thing to come out of this…I’ve already been motivated to think about things…one of them being to spend more time with the people around us. Plug into groups of friends that I like a lot, but don’t get to see very often. Stuff like that.

Here are some Jonny Z – related links that I’ve come across in the past few days. I think I’ve spent my most agonizing hour yet, just now, looking at all this stuff online.

In other news, Maddie found out yesterday that our old neighbor George died about a month ago. He used to live above us on Floyd, and we shared some fun times on the back porch. One time he walked into our house, ran all the way through it, and ran out the back. Completely randomly, and without so much as a knock on the door. He cracked us up. Anyway, our old roommate Jon Clary told Maddie about it just yesterday, so that’s evidence right there of what happens when you lose touch with people. One more sad thing to add to this week. I think the last time I saw him was a year or so ago…I think he randomly showed up at one of our parties or something. Maddie, do you remember? Anyway Mya has a pretty tight picture of Jonny and George up on her Myspace page.

Last night, the Tidalwaves got slaughtered twice, when we really needed some wins. I think the worst part was that we weren’t even playing a very good team. We just all played honest-to-goodness crappy softball.

“My friends are dropping like flies,” I told my officemate this morning when she asked how I was doing. She said that sometimes it seems that way. Her husband’s cousin died yesterday, so we said that maybe we’re done for now since tragedies seem to come in threes.

This is getting exhausting for right now, so I’m going to maybe come back later and post a more normal blog. Just thought I would update and let everyone know that I’m fine. Most of Jonny’s really close friends have done an awesome job of being as stalwart and chipper as possible, even under the worst of circumstances.

Blogging is a strange technology. It somehow makes me feel better about things by taking them off my mind and storing them elsewhere. Cyberspace is not totally useless after all.


3 thoughts on “duly updated

  1. Thanks for posting all these thoughts and links. I agree that everyone has been awesome thru all this.

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