ALL ways are the QUEEN’s ways

I went to see the Queen!

It was a lot of fun, and more so because I ran into Kathryn and Scott right when I got there and ended up hanging out with them.  It was a cold, rainy afternoon, but we resolved to stick around ’til we saw the Queen.  It was hard to see because, as you can see in the picture above, all the fun stuff was happening at the top of the hill, where only the VIPs were allowed to go — so the rest of us were behind that fence, at the bottom of the hill, trying to see up a hill and over a crowd of VIPs at the top of the hill.  Also, everyone in the universe is taller than the Queen; she’s tiny!  Finally, though, we saw her entourage stepping briskly around the edge of the Capitol, and I caught a glimpse of her in her cute lavender suit and pink hat.  Watching her on the monitors, she seemed calm and refined, without being haughty or in a hurry.  These are the qualities I admire in her.  And also the fact that she looks wonderful for her age.  Not in an unnatural way.  More like the face of a regular elderly woman, but with the bloom and radiance of a woman in her prime.  And heck.  I guess she’s always been in her prime, and is as much now as she ever has been.

Although it was a gross day and the music ranged from shrill to just plain awful, it was worth going.  As I rode my bike home in the rain, I had a feeling it would be a good story to tell, plus a few embellishments perhaps, to my grand-nieces and grand-nephews as they’re assembled around the fire.  Aaaaand somehow even this entry ended up back at Edward Scissorhands.  I’ve officially turned the Queen’s visit into something goth.

  • Seriously, if you haven’t been there yet.
  • Here’s where you can listen to the Queen’s speech.
  • Eh, just google it if you want to see some footage.  Geez.

P.S. Where has Prince Philip been all my life?  Cuuuuuute.

In other news, last night I ventured (with much trepidation) into an Applebee’s on the southside with some peeps from small group.  We actually had a really good time, but I think it had a lot more to do with our sparkling personalities than with the quality of the food, the quality of the service, the decorations, the lighting, or the music.  ::sigh::  That place makes one’s flesh crawl.  Later, I took a nighttime stroll around Oregon Hill while listening to The Age of Innocence on my ipod and plucking a few white roses from a huge rosebush that neared the sidewalk.  Afterwards, Daron and I had some nice drinks at the usual haunt and got all caught up on our latest news.  A drunk Prabir was escorted out, with much pomp, by his devoted friend Charlie.  Tonight the party continues, and the roommates and I may even make it to a winery or two this weekend…

Also, I just finished The Age of Innocence.  I feel straight-up bereaved.  I feel empty.  Need more Wharton.


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