soda-holics at sea

Sorry for the incredible delay in updates.  I’m assured that my adoring fans are patient.

I have seriously been trying to blog since Sunday, though.  Random stuff keeps happening to deter this.  Like the internet only working about half the time at my house.  It’s amazing how crippling this is.  I can’t do anything without it.  Directions?  Can’t get them.  To-do list?  Can’t access it.  Email?  Can’t read it.  So then you have to go back to doing things the analog way.  Ughhhh.

Yesterday, one person found my blog by searching for “gilbert blythe.”  Whoever you are…thank you.  I feel like a useful part of society if I have provided you with any information for which you were looking.  Even if it’s just to know that you’re not the only Anne of Green Gables  freakazoid in existence.  Let’s face it though; it was probably just Maddie or Susan.

25 people found my blog by searching for “legolas.”  Well, it’s a hot topic.  Still.

Maybe if I say “BRITNEY SPEARS,” a ton more people will find my blog.  Yikes.

Anyway, much has been going on.  Katie and Ross moved back to Richmond, and they are excited.  I went to Blood & Ink Fest in Va Beach and spent the day with hardcore teenagers (pictures will be posted soon, although they’re awful).  My godson had his first communion.  Last night I became a metal superstar by screaming into a microphone for my friends’ band.  Afterwards I watched a date with Almitra get auctioned off for $69 at the Punk Rauction.  It’s hot outside today.  I had lunch with Kelsey and Noel, and I’m having dinner with Talia.  Catching up is fun to do.

Also, I discovered The Naked Brothers Band.  This movie is certainly one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  Think little kids acting out an episode of Behind the Music.  Think do-rags, band managers with black-rimmed glasses, and lemon-lime soda binges.  It’s rock and roll at its finest, people.

Alex: We need to get the band together this instant!
Nat: Are you up for it, man?
Alex: Yes! I’m fortified by milk!

I have many links, which I shall deliver to you later.


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