not a common old vulgaris

maddie's painting: not a common old vulgaris

Above is one of Maddie’s recent paintings. All proceeds go to the Chateau Fund. I’m dead serious. Please see me if you’d like to buy this one for eight million dollars.

I stumbled across the RVA Mannequin blog, and it’s an exciting addition to Richmond blogosphere. DC has Panda Head, and now we have this. I’m pleased to have already seen adequate representation from people I know and love, and not all in the same group of friends, either. Diversity is one of my favorite things about fashion here in the RVA. But watch out, bike kids! Don’t you know that you’ll lose some of your cred if you’re seen wearing something that doesn’t have 47 holes in it, or that has been washed sometime this side of Christmas?! Quelle domage.

And now on to the links that have been piling up in my Google Reader for the past few days.


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