let’s hunt some orc

Last night we finished watching The Fellowship of the Ring. I had completely forgotten that Legolas is the only movie character that can make me blush from just sitting in my living room watching him on TV. It’s really weird. I mean he’s an elf with amazing hair. And he’s blonde. So not my type. Oh wait, he’s Link in the flesh. And he’s Orlando Bloom. Now I get it.

I found this today in a transcript:

[Note on the Score. After Boromir is hit by an arrow, a chorus begins singing the following lines translated into elvish: “I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness or the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”]

Lovely. It’s good to know things like that, in case you ever need to impress some LOTR geek at a work party. Or in case you ever need to impress me. Tolkien was a genius.

This week has been pretty relaxing and therapeutic. It’s been relatively quiet, which has given me a chance to scratch some things off my to-do list, which is one of my chief pleasures in life. One of those things was ordering some tea blooms, which are now on their way to me. I can’t imagine who would want to enjoy some of those with me…

I’ve also gotten a croquet set, so get ready for some tournaments. And just because it’s been on my list for such a long time, a pair of skeleton gloves is on its way to me. Yeah, the kind that come with Halloween costumes.

Okay we have a lot of links to cover, so let’s get on with it.

  • What we have here is a failure to communicate. Cool Hand Luke is one of the only prison movies I’ve ever liked.
  • Outdoor furniture from Brocade Home: something for us to aspire to, as opposed to the idea of kidnapping a wrought-iron bench from the cemetery (Maddie: are you still down for this?).
  • Aha! People are ripping us off. And it feels good.
  • Haleh’s got a blog called What You Done Ate, and I love it. Documenting your meals seems persnickety, but can be fun. Check out her post on Ipanema, which is where I can be found rather frequently.
  • I really need to get on the task of producing a tea cozy.
  • Just the name Quiltsrÿche was enough to get me excited about these quilts. That being said, the quilts themselves are actually really cool. Aaaand clearly they totally murder the t-shirt quilt I made recently.
  • Credit card skins. Sounds silly, but what if all your friends have the same Wachovia bank card? Yeah. It becomes an appealing idea.
  • An Appalachian take on King Lear? Either way, I dig it.
  • Cooking and band dudes. As with anything involving band dudes…be suspicious. Be very suspicious. And then fall head over heels anyway.
  • The Thomas Paul stuff at SeeJaneWork is adorable. Just look.
  • Yet another positive thing to come from Wii.
  • Here’s what I have been looking for, for quite a while now. Ye olde ipod alarm clock. Finally, geez. My current alarm clock thinks I still own CDs. Which is why I wake up to Hole’s Live Through This every morning.
  • Still don’t have a clue who this Imus person is, and it doesn’t seem work Wikipedia-ing, but here’s one interesting take on the issue. Could it be possible that gangsta rap has more of an influence on the self-image of today’s African American than some old random guy? Perhaps.
  • AAAAAAAh! Everybody knows I love miniature stuff. Miniature fast food? I’m amazed.
  • What the heckkkk? This cat is riding the bus. Totally on purpose.
  • This week brings a particularly good Short Imagined Monologue from McSweeney’s. You’ll recognize its inspiration.
  • I thought I had been fighting via AIM for years. But apparently, now you can really do it. The concept of AIM Fight is both exciting and forboding to me.


3 thoughts on “let’s hunt some orc

  1. Totally another interesting point of view. Although it seems to me to be a matter of manners in general. It’s actually kind of strange to me that anyone who would listen to a shock-jock would expect polite, decent, intelligent conversation anyway. Seems to be just a venue for garbage.

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