you’re gonna shake the eye’s hand

Atlanta was fun and exhausting.  I rehashed the whole trip over on the Midnight Society blog, so you can check out all the details there.  It was fun to get away for a minute; to go somewhere and be entertained, rather than always being the entertainer.   But I didn’t feel as replenished as I usually do after a nice trip.  I think it had to do partly with all the driving we had to do (17 hours or so in all), and partly with not having all the time to myself that I’m used to.  My mind wanted a vacation by itself in the mountains or something; time to sort some things out.  But what it got was a rollicking venture into the south, complete with abandoned cemeteries, spiral staircases, and homemade grits.

I liked Atlanta, and I think it liked me.

Other than that, things have been well at the ranch.  I finished the black dress I’ve been meaning to make forever, from that fabric that Noel gave me.

Tonight we’ve gotten coffee, cleaned the house, wrapped gifts, written letters, painted nails, and watched some LOTR.  Just try to be as productive as us.


4 thoughts on “you’re gonna shake the eye’s hand

  1. if you’re itching to hitch up your britches and finish projects/clean/get crafty while placating your LOTR yearning, instead of just sitting still and watching, a friend of mine recently sent me a whole bunch of the BBC Fellowship of the Ring readings. supposedly Two Towers is forthcoming. let me know if you wantum!

  2. it’s annoying that i used hypertext to underline those book titles and it didn’t work. WHY, WORDPRESS? WHY?!

  3. I love that it bothers you that your italics didn’t work. Swooooon.

    P.S. Trust me, we were doing all that stuff we did while watch LOTR. ‘Tis long.

    P.P.S. Heck yes, I want those readings!

  4. I think I like the titles of your blog entries the best. you should write about my home movies next. seriously though, hold out for Mexico, yeahhhhhh.

    Did that sould like a frat boy? It was supposed to.

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