So this weekend was supposed to be dedicated to chilling out.  I accidentally did a lot more wildin’ out than chilling out.

Friday night would have been chill, except that after dinner with Angie, Maddie, Tiffani, and Laura, Angie and I went to Ipanema and then to KC’s party.  I just didn’t take it too easy on myself with the laughing and prancing around and telling stories and whiskey-ing.  Dan always tells such funny stories that your stomach is killing you from laughing too much.  I was so exhausted when I went to bed, and it was only shortly after midnight.  Laaaame.

Saturday would have been chill — I had nothing to do besides go to the grocery store — except that Daron called me and wanted to know if I could get lunch.   He was in rare form as far as sheer giggliness and goofiness goes, so that started the usual Tess and Daron unstoppable party demeanor, which only ended when…actually it hasn’t ended yet b/c he’s not leaving ’til like Wednesday.  So we’re all doomed in a sea of space-age jackets with mysterious zippers, double entendres, grocery-store-club-dancing, and sing-songy answers to basically anything you say.  Until Wednesday.

Seriously, at the grocery store I was trying to pick out a box of cake mix and Daron was so busy doing the white-boy shuffle all over the aisle that other customers actually started applauding.  But I guess I can’t start describing the hilarity of one scene from this weekend because then I’d have to do it for all the scenes of this weekend, and that would just take too long.

Daron took Maddie and I to Table 9, which I think is a new-ish restaurant.  I had a delicious lime / pork tenderloin burrito.  Sounds weird but tastes good.  The three of us spent the rest of the night drinking on the back porch with Bruce and Maddie’s friend Luke from Atlanta.  Alice in Chains was there too.

Amazingly we were all in good spirits the next morning when we tripped off to Petersburg to pick up the tea cart that was about to change our lives.  And glassware to go with it.  It is amazing.  It looks great in the living room.  Maddie is going to serve me from it when I am old and crotchety.  Lives changed: check.

Also, we had another milkshake at the Dixie Diner.

Then we went home and some of us made key lime bars while others of us moved Maddie’s plants outside, set up the tea cart, cleaned the house getting ready for the cookout, iced some cupcakes, sang along to the West Side Story soundtrack, pranced around in the backyard, etc.

Then it was cookout time, and I have to say it was a success…even though I was already three Red-Bull-and-strawberry-champagnes down when most people got there.  I’m really glad that some of my random friends, who don’t know all my other friends yet, showed up and seemed to have a good time.  If you can’t meet people at a cookout, I dunno where you can meet people.  Yet another surprise out-of-town guest, Ryan, brought a fantastic guacamole that everyone inhaled.  Adrian spent the entire evening pushing burgers and dogs on everyone.  The “My Prerogative” dance party pretty much ended the night, and then Kathryn and I cleaned the kitchen (thank you thank you thank you thank you) and I kicked the rest of my friends out and went to bed.

The best part…well, not the best part at all, but I guess the bonus to this weekend is the fantastic, totally-unscathed manner in which I’ve woken up every morning.  I felt so wrecked last night that I was surprised to wake up just before my alarm today, have an excellent run at the gym, and actually sort of pay attention to an ESPN thing about that crazy Bob Knight guy.  Apparently people really get riled up about sports!  It seems to me that this is where they cease to be fun.

All that, and I have been a productive member of the workforce all morning, and have gotten tons of stuff done and will be leaving early all this week.

In other news…

  • I thought this reconstructed dress from the WeAr DIY photo pool on Flickr was really pretty.
  • Check it out!  An interview with Morgan from Muss on BYT.  I think the following quote is priceless: I think style is the ability to take the most of-the-moment or conversely, the most out-of-fashion thing and being able to make it work by making it your own. I would seriously prefer someone wearing a dress they made themselves out of a garbage bag because they liked the way it looked over someone wearing head-to-toe Marni because that’s just what they know is fashionable – for me style has everything to do with personalization.
  • I had a photo shown at the Musee de l’Elysee’s exhibit “We are all photographers now!”  They emailed me a jpeg of my photo being projected onto a wall.  Neat, neat stuff.

Also, I wanted to take a picture of this chalkboard at Cafe Gutenberg a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t have my camera with me.  Luckily some guy on Flickr got it.


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