First off: don’t forget about the stupid 10k on Saturday, or you will be very sorry when you try to actually GO SOMEWHERE.


My best friend got married.  It was beautiful.  Last Friday, after the wedding rehearsal (and wonderful dinner at the Hard Shell), Katie and I watched Clueless and stayed up talking excitedly ’til we fell asleep.  It was the perfect evening before a wedding; totally commemorative of days past.  Saturday, we got up and went to get her hair done, which was an interesting thing to watch.  Afterwards she had a lovely bouffant, and we hung around the house for a while.  Then we headed to the Scott House, had some champagne and wriggled into our dresses, and had an amazing evening.  Good food, good music, and good toasts were had during the reception.  Afterwards everyone headed to Ipanema for some drinks.  The next morning, there was a post-wedding brunch at Katie’s aunt’s house — the final event in an action-packed weekend.

In other news, Katie and Ross are moving back to Richmond!  And so we have a lot to look forward to.

I like this picture that Maddie took in Pittsburgh:

Monday Maddie and I painted the stairwell (which we’ve been meaning to do for months) and went antiquing in Petersburg.  We certainly found some cool stuff (think colored glass decanters, silver-plated tea accessories, etc).  And I wouldn’t be surprised if we aren’t serving you tea from Maddie’s new art-deco tea cart that we’re going to get this weekend.  Let us know when you’re available and we’ll have Jeeves bring the car ’round.

Monday we also got our nails did.  I’d never done it before, and I think Maddie did when she was 14.   I have to admit, it was anticlimactic.  But I guess it’s worth $12 to know that I don’t have any interest in ever paying a teenaged boy to paint my nails.  Ever.  Again.

I also got a new phone because it was time for my “new every two.” Since you have to look at the same phone for two years, it’s always exciting to meet your new communication buddy.

Most of this week has been spent recuperating from all this activity.  And catching up on lots of things I’ve needed to get done.  Hence yet another backlog of links:

This weekend is dedicated to chilling out.


3 thoughts on “hitched

  1. What do you think of the 8600? I loved the thing. It seemed to be the ‘geekiest’ phones you could get from Verizon without getting a smartphone. Its the first to support almost all bluetooth specs, new skins, customizations, etc. I would have kept the phone if we didnt switch to sprint. BTW – the newest pics have been awesome!

  2. So far I love it. It’s just as sleek and lightweight as the RAZR, not as mirrory-trendy as the KRZR, and it’s actually really sturdy. Plus…let’s be honest…it’s black. Black electronics are the way to go. Forget about white.

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