hear the casket close

Wobbly, but feeling better. I’m back at work now. I guess what I had was that gross norovirus that’s taking over Richmond and Henrico. Luckily I don’t think it was as intense for me as it has been for some people, but I can confirm what they’re saying about it starting rapidly and not lasting for too too long.

Tonight I’m going to watch Whiteboyz and maybe do some cleaning and some photo-scanning. I am excited for the decompressing time.

I am getting ready to break in my new, amazing, portable toothbrush. Ready?

  • This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Get ready to listen to recordings of my grandfather talking about how he got out of coal mining.
  • I am liking this silkscreened votive holder. Via Etsy, of course.
  • If I buy this dress and can’t find a way to make myself fit into it, will one of you buy it from me?
  • Matt Morton blogs the David Shultz CD release show.
  • Style mentions them too (don’t miss the slideshow!).
  • Normally I’m not a fan of cabins, but I like this one.
  • Always finding new ways to entertain, as usual. A slew of new blogs to investigate is always fun.
  • You know that I love paper machines.
  • Binary is the way to go, esp. in wedding bands.
  • Because there’s not enough neon / French Revolution-style furniture around.
  • Holy incredible gray dress, Batman. Looks like an excellent specimen to be buried in.


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