wrecked again

I love going to New York, but man.  That place wrecks me, every time.  It’s a lot for a small-town girl to handle.

I have many pictures, but haven’t had time to upload them yet.  Here’s the lowdown on the New York trip for Maddie’s 24th birthday.


Got home from work a little early, rushed to the airport.  We were supposed to board at 6:15pm and fly out at 6:45pm.  The plane that was coming to get us didn’t get there ’til 8:30pm.  We boarded the plane pretty shortly afterwards, and then sat on the plane for an hour because the FAA wouldn’t let us go (I think there were high winds in NY).  In the meantime, I just enjoyed JetBlue’s awesome TV selection.  If you didn’t already know, cable television is the holy grail to Maddie and I, because neither of us have had cable in many, many years.  VH1 Classic is a new thing to us.  And we like it.

We finally touched down at JFK sometime around 11pm.  People who had connecting flights were told to stand up and get in line to exit.  Then they just stood there for an hour while we waited for the jet bridge to get fixed to let us off the plane.  Eventually they gave up and had our plane tugged to another gate.  It was 12:17am when we got off the plane.  Then we had to be bussed back to the baggage claim b/c they had let us off at some weird place.  We convinced a cab driver to take us to Bushwick, where we were staying with Maddie’s friend Emily.  He said “okay” when we told him the address, but then it turned out he didn’t know at allll how to get there.  Neither did he recognize the names of any of the major streets in Bushwick.  Finally, finally we got to Emily’s sometime after 1am.  We gave up on going out, and just went to sleep.

The heat was broken in Emily’s basement where we were sleeping.  It was COLD, cold cold cold.

In the morning when I tried to take a shower, the water was freezing cold.  I painfully just tried to kind of dip my limbs into the water to rinse away the dirt as well as possible.  Finally the water had turned kind of lukewarm, so washing my face wasn’t nearly as bad.

But after all of those disasters were endured, Saturday was a great day.

We met up with Daron in Williamsburg and had brunch at Fada.  I have had some good brunches in my life, but this place’s croque madame and fresh-squeezed orange juice gained it a spot on my list of bset brunches ever.  It was exactly what I wanted.

Afterwards Bruce had some work at Scope, so we went down there to check it out.  There were about 50 million people from Richmond there.  Bruce did really well and sold a ton of stuff, so he’s going to buy us a chateau to live in.

Maddie and I ditched the boy and went down to Broadway to shop, going into the usual Forever 21-ish cheap clothing stores.  Found some cute stuff at Necessary Clothing again, although it was difficult to put up with the bad techno they were blasting the whole time.   Went to Pearl River because we didn’t have time to get to Chinatown, and I needed some paper fans and a parasol (yeah!).  I also got some teacups that I can’t wait to use.  All in all the day was excellent, and I can think of few things I’d rather do than walk down Broadway on a sunny day, arm in arm with Maddie.  Except for maybe walking down Monument Ave. with Maddie, in the snow.  If it EVER SNOWS HERE AGAIN.

Dinner was at Miriam, which I think pleasantly surprised all of us.  I got the seafood casserole, which contained some of the freshest-tasting mussels ever to grace the sanctuary of my very grateful mouth.  I also tried Bruce’s moussaka, which was also really good, although ever so much less cheese-encrusted than Maddie’s version.  We all drank too much wine and were annoying on the subway.  After a short hangout at the Subway Bar, where one of Maddie’s friends works — and where we had control of the jukebox — we went to Supreme Trading in Williamsburg and lo and behold, all the people there were already more obnoxious than us.  We drank and danced and I don’t know what else, except that I think I embarrassed myself several times over.  At some point we were dragged home and we didn’t even notice how cold it was as we dropped off to sleep.

One of the best nights ever, seriously.  I just need to figure out this whole thing about my tolerance being so much lower, and find out what my new limit is, because it has obviously changed.  It seems like lately I’ve had a more difficult time knowing when to quit, and traditionally I’ve never had a problem with it.  I think it’s some combination of going out of town a lot and being maybe more expected to party, and losing weight, and all of that stuff.  And maybe just not being used to drinking much anymore.  I dunno.

In the morning I was hung over, which is uncharacteristic of me, but nevertheless I spent the entire day feeling like death.  The high point of the day was brunch with Maddie and Emily at Northeast Kingdom, one of my favorite places we went during the whole trip.  Good food, very calm atmosphere…exactly what I needed at the moment.  And one of the waiters was wearing a David Gilmour t-shirt, which nobody was excited about except me.  I felt better after breakfast.

Then I felt worse as we entered the 2nd part of our hellacious travel adventure.  It took us two hours to get from Bushwick to JFK, because of a combination of getting confused about trains, and having to wait inordinately long times for trains.  In the meantime I waited and walked and waited and walked, bogged down with a bunch of luggage, and feeling like I was going to faint.  Finally we got on the AirTrain but our terminal was the last dang stop on the thing.  We thought we were going to miss our flight but we ended up being fine, and Maddie and I watched a Chuck Berry documentary for most of the trip (both while we sat on the runway for an hour as our flight was delayed, and as we were flying).  Holy smokes, that guy is quotable.  I was pretty happy for most of the trip until we started having pretty bad turbulence about 20 minutes away from Richmond.  Because I was so sick already, I almost lost it then.  I just closed my eyes and tried to breathe, and barely barely escaped catastrophe before we finally landed.

Back at the ranch Maddie opened her gifts from Bruce and I, and then we relaxed and decompressed on the couch while watching Newsies, the best movie ever made.  You love it and you know it.

In other news, I’ve been enjoying listening to Bad Veins, one of Daron’s pet bands.  The background chorus vocals are pretty epic.

Also, apparently there’s a new venue opening up in Richmond. Can’t tell if it will be completely lame or not, but I think that either way more venues = good.  I suppose you can’t always judge a place by how well-designed their web site is.  Almost always, though.

That’s all I’ve got time for now, but pictures will be posted soon.


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