antenna party

I am getting ready to go on a lunchtime mission to purchase an antenna for my television.  It is bizarre the things that a person will do for Lost.  Even if it is the only show he or she watches.  I admit it.

Last night Maddie and I went to my parents’ for dinner, which was delicious.  Then we watched some old home movies.  It was weird seeing the Super8 footage of my 2nd birthday.  I was cute and my hair was already taking over the universe.  I was such a little showing-off, camera-hogging, feather-banged wreck.  My dad said “It looks like we never let you out of the house or something” because I was so perenially running around.  Tricycle wrecks are no match for me.

  • This was a no-brainer: Wii players burn 40% more calories.
  • Wonkette tears it up on the Garutachi clique’s rather — erm — exhibitionist photos.  Hilarious…and honestly…similar to remarks overheard many times before at RnR.  Wince your way through the photos, if you dare.
  • Blogged it (like twice) before, but it bears repeating.
  • Necessary invention.  Seems like an idea Bruce would have, and then just keep eating his breakfast and wait for someone else to manufacture it.
  • Very into the idea of Moleskine City Guides.

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