okay. a little too cloudy.

So it looks like my wish from yesterday’s blog title was granted, for today is the cloudiest day that ever happened.  Even though our office has an entire wall that’s a huge window, we had to turn on a bunch of lights in order to work.  It’s that dark out.

Last night, just before getting dinner at Empire with some people, UPS delivered my new TV.  For a while I haven’t really been playing my Wii or watching TV upstairs while crafting, just because the tiny TV up there wasn’t cutting it.  So I said “Okay I’ll spend my tax returns on a new TV, and then after that for the rest of the year I can mostly focus on paying off my debts.”  This TV is pretty amazing.  It fits nicely on my white bookcase and doesn’t take up a ton of space.  Last night I just sat there and kind of stared at it for a while, not believing how enormous it is compared to the old TV.  And it’s only 26″.
For the first time in a long, long time, I think I’m sick.  Sore throat, etc.  Seems like just last week I was answering my mom’s inquiry about flu shots like this: “Flu shot!  I don’t need no stinking flu shot!  The flu is no match for the great Tess.  I’m as healthy as a horse.”

Oh yeah, that was last week.  But still, I’ve made up my mind “not to let it lick me,” as Gilbert Blythe would say.  Sean prescribed many packets of emergen-C, and I’ve faithfully adhered to that.  I feel okay, it’s just that my throat is a little sore, and maybe I’m kinda tired.  And even though I feel like wrapping up in twelve blankets, getting in bed, and reading ghost stories while Maddie makes me some soup, life is short.  And I can do that when I’m dead.  Tonight, I journey to Charlottesville (on a week night!  I’m crazy!) to get some of the good old-fashioned Katey hangouts that have done such a great job at refreshing me lately.

  • Apartment Therapy is once again touting the beauty of the Brocade Home catalog.  I received mine for this month and had exactly the same reaction.  If I were able to afford it, I would be sitting on one of those crushed velvet sofas.
  • This guy’s photos will blow your mind.  Check out the Kentucky photos.
  • If any of you have seen Born Into Brothels, you’ll know what Kids With Cameras is.  Freaking heartwarming.  There’s a benefit auction going on over at Flickr 333 that’s donating its profits to Kids With Cameras.  You can donate a photo to the auction…I know some of you have auction-worthy stuff in your photostreams.
  • Apparently UVA has an amazing Collection of Historic Dress, which reminds me of the one belonging to the Valentine Museum (although the Museum has older stuff).  Some of these dresses will make you hyperventilate.  In a good way.
  • We already knew this about the Wii, but…just in case you didn’t…

One thought on “okay. a little too cloudy.

  1. Flu shots Schmu shots! Just up your dose of sleep (a luxury not all of us can afford) and drink plenty of green tea and emergen-C

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